When was the last time the world of online search was truly reinvented? For the most part, since 1998, search algorithms have been updated iteratively and gradually. Instead of moving forward with any one new innovation, companies like Google work to refine the features they already have; for example, instead of scrapping content quality as a ranking factor, they simply update their algorithms to be better at determining content quality.

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While both Instagram and Snapchat have let people privately send other people's posts to friends as private messages, Snapchat lacks a way to embed other Stories or Discover content in your Story. Snapchat may have pioneered the Stories format, but Instagram has been rapidly iterating with features.

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66 per cent of installs rejected by Adjust's Fraud Prevention Suite over the course of 2017 came from Android devices, almost twice as many as from iOS smartphones and tablets. The larger volume of Android devices sold and the ease with which they can be jailbroken is partly to blame.

Pinterest has announced a significant expansion of its Shopping Ads program, adding hundreds of advertisers to its list of partners and beginning testing of new lifestyle ad formats. The program was launched last year with a dozen early test partners.

Facebook has come under fire from legal officials in both the UK and US over how it protects user information after a whistleblower revealed that a data analytics firm collected millions of Facebook profiles of US voters without permission. The data was obtained in early 2014 by Cambridge Analytica.

New projections from eMarketer suggest that UK ad spending on Snapchat is set to rocket through the £100m mark this year as the company continues to add users outside its core market of the US. According to eMarketer's first ever ad revenue forecast for the company, Snap is expected to generate 100m this year.

Some SEO practitioners think that they can get away with shady and risky techniques (that Google considers webspam) to game the system and hack their way to the top of the SERPs. Whether it's worth the risk is a different story altogether.

One of this week's milestones in the history of technology, the launch of Twitter, sheds light on the way we live now—deriving social status and enjoyment by playing games and gaining popularity on the Internet, including creating and spreading fake news.

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“I should go on a weekend trip,” you think to yourself. “I'll go to the mountains!” And then the weekend comes and all the hotels are booked and you're tired and the mountains are far and hey look, Netflix! Wing It is a Facebook Messenger bot that tries to get you out of that rut.

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After suspending Cambridge Analytica - a data analytics firm that worked for President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign who claim to change audience behaviour - for violating its data privacy policy, Facebook has made some (pretty uncharacteristic) errors.

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