Jan 20, 2019

Facebook now adds Petitions Feature to News Feed

Facebook is said to be adding petitions to its news feed. It is launching a tool which will allow users to post and sign online petitions right in their news feed. "Community Actions" will be seen rolling out by Facebook to the US users on Monday.

This feature was in testing mode since a few weeks. With this feature users have the option to simply click on "support" and they can also share related personal testimonies and videos if they wish. The long term aim of Facebook behind introducing this feature is to build informed and civically engaged communities.

Earlier, activists were able to post petitions to Facebook via third-party platforms like Change.org or Causes.com. Community Action will simplify the process and give the social network direct oversight to monitor and take petitions down if they seem to violate its community standards.
Read more at cnet.com

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