How to Enable an AI Ready Culture and Business

Most of the Executives now agree that Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the globe. But even after such widespread recognition of AI’s potential, not all businesses are advancing as rapidly as others. So here are some tips on how to create a more AI-ready Culture and Business:

  1. Appoint an AI champion:
    An AI champion will be able to understand both - the business goals and the potential capabilities of AI. This person eventually will act as a catalyst for the company and the changes across the enterprise.

  2. Going Forward, Focus on a Diverse Set of Knowledge Workers:
    Vast majority of active users of AI and associated technologies resides in IT. But in future such technologies will be used for just about any business function where decision makers and knowledge workers dwell, like - operations, marketing, logistics, supply chain, etc.

  3. Introduce AI-focused Training and Continuous Learning:
    Training and Continuous Learning are essential  as today and tomorrow’s AI-infused workforce requires higher-level skills.

  4. Recruit AI Ready Talent:
    Since AI will play a significant role in future business processes, it's better to look for talent who has knowledge in areas like Data Science or Business Intelligence in addition to Core Business.

  5. Engage with Technology Consultants:
    Big organizations in the advancements of AI does not only employ a wide range of skilled technicians and advisors, but also they are in a position to obtain practical insights across many industries.

  6. Incentivize the Entire Company:
    Companies should motivate their employees to come up with an aggressive AI vision and then fully support their efforts to reach that target.

  7. Focus on Business Needs:
    First define business goals and then consider the ways how AI/ML can be used. If your approach is totally from a technology perspective and not considering the business perspective, you might miss the opportunity.

  8. Engage with External Suppliers and Customers:
    AI leaders should collaborate more closely with external groups like suppliers and customers in order to understand and attain whatever data might be available.

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