Feb 07, 2019

Great Examples of Use Generated Content

User-generated content is definitely not a new marketing strategy. With the help of UGC, brands are able to build an immediate sense of authenticity wherein the customer is responsible for creation of content which can be used by a business.

Here are some six creative examples of user-generated content:

  1. BBC
    There was a royal wedding of a couple which was broadcasted on TV and Radio. It was seen that user-generated content also played a role here.

  2. AERIE
    It is a swimwear and lingerie brand. There are fighting against heavily edited and photoshopped images which usually appear in magazines and also on social media. This brand uses user-generated content into its social media so that it can further the messages with the #AerieReal campaign.

    For Travelex, user-generated content is said to be a regular fixture for money exchange company. In the year 2017, they encouraged users to share their travel photos so that they could win a selection of prizes. By running such contests, the brand was able to increase its visibility and reach.

  4. BOOMF
    This company specializes in exploding gifts and cards. The Instagram account of this company is filled with fun and joyful videos of people that are surprised by Boomf. Over here they encourage users to film their loved ones reactions in order to win a prize as well as to be featured online.

    When it comes to user-generated content, sports brands tend to have an advantage. When sports companies are involved audiences tend to get more inclined in order to share their love for them. FC Barcelona has provided a unique way for fans to experience and document a visit to the club's home ground of Camp Nou.

    Crown Resorts have incorporated user-generated content into paid media. It partnered with UGC platform, in order to quickly identify the best user-generated content on Instagram and also to gain permission to use the photos. The advantage of this campaign was that it was executed in real-time as the platform was monitoring fresh content as it was posted.
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