May 27, 2019

How to Enable People to Read Your Company Blog

Blogging is increasingly becoming a passion for many people. However, it requires a great deal in order to make people read about your company blog. Nowadays, you can find millions and millions of blog online so that it sometimes becomes difficult to choose which ones are the best.

The following are some of the tactics which you can use in order to make people read your blog:
  1. 1. DO NOT BE ROBOTIC: Make sure that the content you post is not robotic. It should be fun, engaging, informative, and actionable. Readers should not feel that the content you post is repetitive.

  2. 2. ANSWER YOUR CUSTOMER'S QUESTIONS: Focus on answering your customers' questions. Be aware regarding what sort of questions your customers' are frequently asking and also try to understand their pain points.

  3. 3. PRIORITIZING ON PILLAR CONTENT: Pillar content seems to have become popular nowadays. A pillar content basically contains information regarding a specific topic which is than broken down into smaller pieces of content. Posting this type of content will enable you to rank higher on Google.

  4. 4. BUILDING EMAIL NEWSLETTER: Email newsletter is the primary source that will enable to shift your users from their inboxes to your articles. Make sure that your email newsletters are active if you want your blog to excel.

  5. 5. REPUBLISH POSTS ON MEDIUM AND LINKEDIN: Focus on publishing your company posts on platforms like Medium and LinkedIn.

  6. 6. MAKE YOUR COMPANY BLOG YOUR ONLY PIECE OF CONTENT: You need to post content on a certain topic which will be able to create quote tweets with snippets from your post. This in turn will help to drive back the audiences to your company blog.

  7. 7. GET EMPLOYEES INVOLVED: Make sure that you encourage your employees to share the blog post. Provide incentives to your employees so that it motivates them to post the content.