Dec 04, 2018

What to Do if your Email Marketing is not Engaging

Email marketing is said to be one of the best forms which can provide returns of all online channels. If you find that your email marketing is not engaging, there are few things which you can do about it.

The following are the 5 issues which could be potentially turning your recipients off and pushing engagement rates through the floor.

1. Email Deluge
If your email marketing does not tend to work you will be tempted to broadcast more often. However, this is a huge mistake which you tend to make. People are busy nowadays and sending too many emails will only annoy them. For this purpose, you should only send an email when there is something useful to offer. You can also segment your recipients in accordance with the measured engagement rates.

2. Low-Value Content
Try to mix up your content in order so that there is plenty of value to those who are not currently in a buying mode. If you keep your email subscribers happy and engaged it will pay off in a better way in the long term.
3. Lack of Personalisation
If your email tends to lack personalisation, recipients would be perfectly free to ignore it. If you add a little bit of personalisation it will ultimately increase the ability in order to grab attention. However, you should avoid overdoing personlisation.

4. Spam Issues
If you tend to have a low engagement rate, it will indicate that your readers are not even receiving your messages. You can ask your recipients to white-list your sending address however there are only a few who will actually do this. You should therefore avoid using words and phrases which are common in the wilder.

5. The Downward Spiral of Low Engagement
It is observed that large email providers such as Gmail tend to take engagement into account while deciding how to filter messages passing through their systems. In order to avoid this, you need to make sure that your messages are compelling as possible and also concentrate on mailing your most responsive list member for a while.

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