Jan 30, 2019

Apple faces a Lawsuit over the Recent FaceTime Privacy Bug

The suit was lodged in a Houston, Texas, court by a lawyer claiming the FaceTime glitch enabled an unknown party to listen in on a private call he was conducting with a client.

On Monday, reports regarding a massive FaceTime Bug was spreading across social media. This Privacy Bug enabled a FaceTime caller to eavesdrop on a recipient device's audio even if that person does not answer. Camera access is also granted if the recipient presses the power button once to decline the call.

It was later discovered that Apple was notified of the FaceTime issue more than a week ago by the mother of a 14-year-old who independently discovered the massive flaw.

Apple addressed the issue by disabling Group FaceTime for now and is currently working on a fix it expects to release to users later this week.
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