May 08, 2019

Google Finally Gets Serious About Protecting Our Data.

During the annual Google I/O developer conference, privacy is said to be the focus. Google is intended to go all-in when it comes to helping us protect our data even when its outside of a secure Google data facility. One of the goals of Google that have always been is to keep user data private when possible and anonymous when it is not. 


Some changes are going to be universal across your entire Google account and data portfolio. One such example is the option to automatically delete your location, web, and application activity history every three months. Google seems to be adding this for everyone in the future and is also planning to add other account data to the auto-delete in the upcoming months and years. 

Google also seems to be bringing its Incognito mode to more of its services. Incognito mode is basically wherein it keeps anything you do while using it from being stored in your Google account. When we talk about Incognito mode for Chrome it means that Google is not keeping track of your searches or websites that you visit. 


One of the greatest improvements to privacy control are said to be part of the Android Q release. It is also seen that Google's next version of its AI engine might now become live on the phone and not in the cloud. In the next generation of Pixel phones Google Assistant is said to be faster and will be able to handle more complex tasks. 


It seems good that the company has realized that things need to change, rather than getting its hands dirty and change them. Even without these changes, Google could go forward and yet be wildly successful.