Sep 01, 2018

Google is Being Criticised for Manufacturing Titan Security Key in China

Google has recently begun selling the Titan security key, which provides another layer of protection for online activity. However, the company has been criticised for manufacturing the key in China with Feitian. As per security experts, manufacturing this hardware overseas makes Google vulnerable to hackers or even the Chinese government during the assembly process. Although Google has ensured that the keys' are sealed before it heads to the manufacturer so as to protect from any attacks during transit.

Google's security key is basically just a physical version two-factor authentication which is used to identify accounts online. You need to first connect the key with your Google account or any other supported account and when you login it will ask you to hit a button on the key to verify your identity.

The usual OTP system which is sent to the user's phone can be intercepted by the hackers making the original two factor authentication prone to security issues. The key's signals cannot be intercepted by hackers which makes it more secure. Such keys have been in use since 1993, when they were invented. Now they are becoming more popular with growing online security concerns.

Google has said it has successful been able to avoid phishing attacks on its 85,000 employee accounts when the key was introduced in its offices. This key works with many other accounts including Dropbox, Facebook0, Twitter, Salesforce, Bank of America and any other account that uses the security standard called FIDO (Fast Identity Online). The Titan security key costs $50 and is only available in the United States at present.

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