Oct 27, 2018

How to Secure Your WiFi Network

With the increase in the usage of Internet, many houses now own a WiFi network. WiFi is said to be the gateway to the internet. However, it can also allow hackers to get into the network. For this purpose, it is therefore essential to secure your WiFi network.

The WiFi that we use at home uses a basic router with simple settings which are designed to make things easy for users. You need to take some necessary actions in order to make your router more secure.

Basic Steps
Firstly, you need to change your default password. The password which you choose need to be strong. The password should be long if it is related to something as sensitive as the router. If your WiFi password gets targeted, than you should consider changing your WiFi password regularly.

Limiting which Device Connect to your Network
One of the ways to protect your network is to not let any device get connected to it. Firstly, you can use Wi-Fi Protected Setup setting. In this setting, you will have to press a button on the router in order to connect to a new device for the first time. For this purpose you will require physical access to the router.

Secondly, you can go for the option wherein you can tell your router to connect only certain devices. This can be done by whitelisting devices by using the MAC address, a unique identifier that every network device has.

More Hardening
You should be careful regarding certain settings. You need to turn off remote administration in case if you are using a router for your business. Also turn off UPnP through which apps can get through the firewall if they initiate connections from inside the network.

Staying Hidden
One more way to protect your network is to hide your SSID which is your Service Set Identifier. This is not said to be a foolproof way to secure your network since it can be discovered in many ways. This is broadcasted by your device when it is trying to connect to a familiar network and if someone is sniffing network traffic might discover it.
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