Dec 26, 2018

Lessons what India can learn from Facebook scandals

This year seemed to be filled with a lot of controversies. There were various against Facebook which came to light. There is something that people need to learn from these scandals. One of the things which can be seen from here is the fact that the trust of users is earned by respecting their individual rights and not just by concentrating on profits. 

The reason for these continuous scandals remain manifold. Some of them can be listed below:

a. One of the reasons can be the lack of respect for rights of users. The users are not viewed as individual human beings but are seen as integers and aggregates. It has become more important to retainn users collection, collecting personal data and targeting users with advertising rather than concentrating on their mindfulness and privacy.

b. The other reason could be organisational resistance within some technology companies. Organisations view regulatory compliance as a check-box and they dont seem to be concerned regarding the need of the public.Seeing the increase in the physicality of digital services, the economy seems to be open to frauds and lacks consumer safeguards. Therefore,regulation seems to be important for sustainable and positive growth. 

c. Finally, the third trend is with regards to the role of the government. Apart from the lack of institutional capacity and expertise,the government seems to compound these problems by advancing demands in order to gain control and power. Also, certain policies are adopted which tend to erase user protections for the purpose of advancing economic interests of local startups. One of the examples can be wherein the government introduces harsh criminal laws for targeting political criticism. 

It can be seen from these scandals,that apart from the growing number of users who use internet there is also an increasing trust deficit in Facebook. 


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