Apr 11, 2019

Which is the Right Social Platform for you - Facebook or Instagram

Although Facebook and Instagram share many similar functionalities there is often a widespread discussion about which one works best when it comes to helping brands connect with the right audiences.

Here are some of the key differences between the two to help you decide which platform is the way to go:

  1. Audience
    While both platforms attract users ages 13 and up, Facebook’s audience skews much older than Instagram’s with 80% of global users over the age of 24, and a significant portion of which fall into the Gen-X and Baby Boomer generations. 

  2. Services
    While full of helpful information, the Facebook newsfeed is noticeably more complex than Instagram’s interface, offering a streamlined scroll of visual content from users’ networks and advertisers. Instagram and Facebook both also provide “Stories” and the ability to “go live,” which are similar features, provide slightly different opportunities.

  3. Sharing
    A major difference between the two platforms is that you can post photos and videos to a Group Story on Facebook, a collaborative feature that is not yet available on Instagram. With Group Stories, multiple users can contribute to a story that’s attached to a specific event page, giving businesses a competitive edge when it comes to engaging with their followers through user-generated content.

    When using the “Going Live” feature, the most obvious difference between the two is where the videos are displayed. When a user goes live on Facebook, the video appears within the newsfeed, however, on Instagram, these videos are intermixed with the stories.
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