Nov 12, 2018

Brand Marketing Manager at Flipkart in Bangalore, IN

Flipkart’s media team owns and drives all external marketing for the brand including ATL, BTL and digital advertising. The team works in in a fast moving environment, frequently switching between operational and strategic roles working with some of the biggest publishers & media partners in the country.

What It Entails:
  • Execution Excellence: Operational Understanding & experience of DBM, DCM, Facebook ads Manager, Tag managers and analytics softwares.
  • Media Strategy: Recommend the right media priorities, mix, weights, schedule and so on, using platform analytics, campaign insights and consumer truths.
  • Ad tech set up: Should be very savvy and be able to evaluate multiple platforms, on board partners, set planning principles and manage campaigns.

The Role Requires Close Collaboration With
  • Media Agency
  • Google & Facebook Teams
  • Brand Team
  • Analytics
  • Publishers

The role will enable you to work on the cutting edge of digital marketing in the country, with access to the latest tech and best practices.

The role is an opportunity to be a part of the marketing culture at flipkart that is built on Precision, Frugality & Innovation.

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