Nov 28, 2018

Digital Marketing Specialist at Wooplr in Bengaluru, IN

A free & easy way to start an online store, Wooplr today empowers 200,000+ store owners to earn on average Rs. 15,000 a month. In just a minute, be ready to go live with 100,000+ products from menswear, womenswear, kids, home, kitchen & more. Wooplr takes care of finding products for your store, technology, payments, delivery and returns. 

Now Earn Anytime, Anywhere with Wooplr. 

Who Are We Seeking?
We're seeking a enthusiastic, passionate and creative minded individual to join our team. We want someone who can come up with ideas on-the-go and execute ideas in real time. This job requires the individual to understand 'who' we are creating content for & listen to their constantly evolving needs. Someone who is prepared to think differently and challenge conventional thinking.

Minimum Experience: 2 years- 3 years

We are looking for people who have:

  • Experience in online businesses.
  • Proficient in running Google ads, and Facebook ads
  • Experience in executing marketing campaigns through SEM & Google Display.
  • Experience of budgeting, reporting and analysis
  • Ask a lot of questions and love learning.

If you think you tick all the above checkboxes, what are you waiting for! Give us a ring, we'd love to hear from you.