Sep 05, 2018

Digital Marketing Strategist at The Fatsmeagol Collective in Mumbai, IN

The Fatsmeagol Collective is on an epic journey seeking a creative being with some mad skills. We are looking for young, proactive, driven and slightly crazy candidates. Candidates must love donuts, pizza, singing songs and all things design and creative! We currently have one three day weekend each month, two cats and fairy lights. If this sounds interesting do read on!  

We don't believe in hiring a creative to solely work on client communications or content. We are looking for true creatives who are capable of visualizing, conceptualizing and strategizing campaigns/ content and even a little bit of creative execution.

  • Will have a minimum of 1 -3 years work experience as a Social Media and Digital Content Strategist, experience with video production is preferred 
  • Will have an understanding of all things digital and social media
  • Will possess a love for all things digital
  • Will be fluent with branding and marketing concepts
  • Will be fluent with various digital media, channels and platforms and trending news
  • Will be a multi-specialist and not only focus on content and strategy, but also interact with clients and manage internal and external expectations
  • Will work on strategy, content, and branding, additional points if he / she has a creative eye and dabs in Photoshop / Illustrator and/or Canva
  • Additional points if said candidate is already an influencer in the digital sphere

Candidates must:
  • Love or be okay around cats (We have two very lovable cats in the office.
  • Possess a love for dealing with people
  • Be Highly self-motivated and creative
  • Be Pro-active and enjoy taking initiative
  • Be Autonomous and self-disciplined candidates
  • (We did just say the same thing in three different ways because that's how important it is)
  • Have a dislike for the Agentic State of Mind (Be driven enough to go and google what The Agentic State of Mind is before applying for the position)
  • Be Multi-taskers

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