Nov 20, 2018

Head of Data and Analytics Growth Team at Amazon Web Services in Bangalore, IN

Amazon's web services provide a platform for IT infrastructure in-the-cloud that is used by hundreds of thousands of developers and businesses around the world. These customers range from start-ups to leading web companies to Global 500 companies in financial services, pharmaceuticals, and technology. Amazon Internet Services Private Limited (AISPL), the local seller for AWS cloud services in India, is looking for the business builder for its data and analytics market segment. You will be someone who has deep understanding of how and why customers invest in this segment, and have a nuanced view of what direction the market is heading in the next 3-5 years. More importantly, you will have the vision and excellence in execution to shape the market of data and analytics on the cloud for AISPL.

The investments AISPL customers make in data and analytics directly impact their success, and are increasingly being decided by the C-Suite and in the boardroom. You will be the advisor to the executives of our AISPL customers, and will ensure that we are their long-term strategic partners. Your teams will drive solution business and ecosystem development, while you ensure that we are involved in all major investment decisions in the market. You will shape the market expectations of what data and analytics on the cloud can be, while driving product design with our global teams to ensure that vision.

This is a senior leadership role of AISPL, leading specialists from many parts of our business, including business development, marketing , architecture, and ecosystem. As a market segment that will drive the innovation and transformation of many of our AISPL customers.

The role will develop all customer segments across enterprises, digital native businesses, and software vendors. The responsibilities include leading team activities for market trend identification, amplifying branding and marketing, driving campaigns, and engaging lighthouse accounts of AISPL. This team will gain visibility of all major data and analytics investments made across enterprises, which are applicable for cloud, and will establish positions with the stakeholders to inform their investment decisions. You will have the experience and depth to guide the process around business impact, resourcing, funding, compliance, and procurement.

This role in AISPL looks after a broad range of AWS services, and will grow over time. The expectations of the role is to have a solid understanding of the technology from a feature and use case perspective. However, this role will not involve hands-on-keyboard use of the AWS services.

Knowledge of the Data and Analytics technology landscape is needed, with a nuanced understanding of data warehousing, Hadoop, real-time analytics architectures, and integration with traditional enterprise offerings.

Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Establish a 1, 3, and 5 year guidance of where the market is moving to, and establish an execution plan for how AWS cloud will shape the market for Data and Analytics , specific to industries, customer segments, and territories. Convince AISPL major stakeholders that this is the appropriate guidance, using detailed, data-driven analysis.
  • With this strategic market development plan, ensure it is in line with the AWS cloud strategic direction. Lead and execute the strategic market development plan while working with key internal stakeholders of AISPL (e.g. business development, service teams, partners, marketing, legal, support, etc.).
  • Build and extend the Data and Analytics growth team of AISPL to bring to market a full set of capabilities for market making, campaign delivery, and taking large and complex deals from incubation through to delivery of pilot projects of AISPL.
  • Establish line of sight for all major Data and Analytics Cloud-investments that are being considered by businesses of AISPL, and ensure we are informing the decisions of the executive stakeholders of AISPL.
  • Lead and deliver C-Suite and board level engagements of AISPL for major investments in Data and Analytics (e.g. enterprise information platform, data lakes, data monetization platforms, transformational business automation).
  • Create, roll out, and lead sales plays for all non-specialist sales teams of AISPL. This includes creating prospecting events for AISPL with collateral, training, and support. It also includes regular upskilling of the total sales force of AISPL.
  • Understand and participate in AISPL customer compliance frameworks and regulatory evaluations.

Basic Qualifications:

  • 10+ years of market development, executive leadership, and building centers of value for businesses, as it relates to Data and Analytics.
  • 5+ years of program management, including direct management of multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Strong understanding of the Data and Analytics market, specifically as it relates to why and how businesses invest in large, strategic platforms.
  • A discipline for balanced and informed judgement and being able to influence and build mindshare convincingly with any audience. Confident and experienced in public speaking to large audiences.
  • Strong analytical skills, and demonstrated ability to turn detailed data analysis into useful strategic insight in order to drive customer adoption and make appropriate recommendations to the business
  • Use case -level and functional understanding of significant technologies and approaches relating to Data and Analytics: data warehousing, Hadoop, real-time analytics, and traditional enterprise offerings
  • Deep experience using Cloud Computing Technologies and related emerging technology
  • Experience in designing and taking technology products to market
  • Experience in establishing branding and running above-the-line campaigns, broadcast, and large format events
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills are a must, as well as the ability to work effectively across internal and external organizations and virtual teams