Mar 09, 2020

Career Opportunity for Digital Marketers at Binance

If you are someone who is looking for an opportunity in digital marketing then Binance is here to provide you with a great opportunity. Binance is currently providing opportunities to work with the company as a digital marketing and social media specialist.

The role will be specifically related to the crypto wallet Trust Wallet and secondly related to its global marketing. The required qualifications and key responsibilities for this role can be seen below:

Qualifications (Trust Wallet ):

- Worked in the domain of digital marketing with 3+years of experience 
- Knowledge regarding SNS platforms and other digital marketing aspects like PPC, SEO, SEM, content marketing and affiliate marketing
- Fluency in Englis language 
- Knowledge regarding startups

Key Responsibilities :

- Managing online and offline Trust Wallet communities 
- Responsible for interacting with the members of the community 
- Keeping a track of all the activities that are conducted on a monthly, quarterly and weekly basis
- Responsible for developing content and SEO

Qualifications (Global Marketing) :

- 5 + years of experience in the field of tech and internet
- Good knowledge regarding marketing on online platforms
- Passionate to work in crypto/blockchain and technology
- A certified degree in Marketing along with fluency in English

Key Responsibilities :

- Expert in strategising in both offline and online marketing activities
- A great team player 
- Spread awareness regarding Binance through various social media campaigns and platforms. 

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