Oct 15, 2018

How your Facebook Behaviour governs Instagram Post Rankings

Facebook currently seems to have around several million monthly active users. Majority of Facebook users tend to have atleast one account on Instagram. So how it is that your browsing on Facebook governs your Instagram post rankings. 

Instagram posts are no longer sequenced as per the timestamp but it partially seems to be governed by what kind of posts you see and interact with on Facebook as well. 

It is also based on the likes and comments that you share on the posts made by certain friends. 

So how does this new post ranking works?

When we talk regarding feed ranking it is said to be powered by machine learning which is a technology that uses historical data in order to make predictions about the future. 

Facebook data is also used to tailor people's experiences and also when you are friends with an Instagram user on Facebook it is said to be one of the factors in understanding your relationship.