Dec 12, 2018

Instagram to Roll Out Analytics Feature for Celebrities and Businesses

Instagram has announced a surprise being the last update for this year. It is all set to roll out analytics feature for Celebs and Businesses. The full roll out is expected to be scheduled next year. As of now, the feature is being tested on selected users.

It is seen that Analytics is gaining importance in every field. The main purpose of Analytics is to gauge performance. Instagram seems to have taken aid from analytics for the purpose of analyzing and interpreting the actions on celebrity accounts.

In-Depth Analytics
The new feature will enable to get more data insights for the creators account. They can track who follows and unfollows on their account. They will also be able to analyze the effectiveness of their content on Instagram as it will now depict an increase and decrease in followers based on the content created.

Flitration of Direct Messages
The other feature which is included is the direct messaging tools. With this feature, users will be able to filter out messages directly from their friends and brand partners which they have chosen. Users will also be able to filter out read, unread and flagged messages.

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