Sep 19, 2018

Marriott is Paying $7500 for Travelling to NFL Games

Courtyard by Marriott is all set to pay you $7500 if you Travel to NFL games. This is a moment for football fans wherein they have a chance to show the NFL what they have got. This is a collaboration between NFL and Courtyard by Marriott.

"The Courtyard NFL Correspondent" is basically created to further expand the everyday football fan's perspective. Reports claim that the correspondent is likely to be sent out on four "reporting trips" which includes games in Minneapolis, Mexico City, London, and Atlanta.

This is a great opportunity for crazy football fans. For the correspondent to be eligible for the same, he or she should have an eye for creating contact, good knowledge regarding the sport and they must be camera friendly.

As per the program, applicants are also required to record and upload a 60-second video of themselves here.

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