Amazon Ads push to threaten Google and Facebook Duopoly

Amazon's Ad Push is all set to threaten Google - Facebook Duopoly. With Amazon entering this rivalry the way in which they capture customer buying signals and turn them into sales cannot be ignored. It recently reported an advertising revenue worth $2.2 billion in Q2 of 2018.

What makes a user click and buy?
It is revealed by Facebook analytics that any social media engage is twice as likely to buy from a brand on social media than a visit to the website. Also around 84% propel are likely to buy from a brand they see a brand or family member interact with.

Trust will Define the Future of the Brand
It is said that trust is of the biggest issues faced by the web today. With the rise in adblockers the overall advertising ecosystem seems to be threatened especially the small publishers and online retailers.

It can be seen that the duopoly between Facebook and Google is said to outrun the threat of ad blockers but smaller sites are likely to face existential threat. However, trust issues don't seem to have affected the online giants Facebook and Google. Since they continue to enjoy their monopolistic position.

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