7 SEO mistakes to fix for success in 2019

SEO is one such technological area which is seen to gain increasing popularity. However, you need to avoid certain mistakes so that you can ensure success in 2019.

Technology is seen advancing day by day. It is therefore important to understand that the techniques related to SEO which you are using now will not be available for you in the future.

The following are the 7 SEO mistakes which you should avoid making:

  1. Fast is not Always Furious: The first thing to keep in mind is regarding the loading speed of your website. It is said to be one of the most influential factors. A website that takes time to load will only degrade the user experience but also lead to dropping down your website conversions and raise your bounce rate.

  2. Ranking for Non Converting Keywords: When we talk about keyword research it is said to be a time consuming procedure. Keyword research is considered important since it helps your to understand what your audience is actually searching for. If your keywords are irrelevant it can badly affect your website quality score.

  3. Not Keeping Content Quality High: 'Content is king' as the proverb goes, you need to keep in mind that your content is targeted towards the readers. In order to make people trust your brand and follow it you need to make sure that the quality of your content is better.

  4. Missing CTA on the Site/Landing Page: One of the major task of your website is to hold on to the visitors. You therefore need to encourage your visitors to click through your website. One of the ways is through the implementation of CTAs on your website/blogs.

  5. Forgetting that Voice Search is Coming: Voice search is said to be the latest trend. As the years will pass, its value will keep on growing. Seeing the growing trend of Voice search, SEO rules and regulations seem to change. You will also be required to change the way you are optimising your website.

  6. Ignoring the Technical Fundamentals: There are bound to be certain technical flaws related to your website. Once your website is developed, technical SEO will be your next priority.

  7. Mobile users Crossed Desktop Users: It can now be seen that more people are turning from desktop to mobile. Mobile-optimisation has now become a major factor to decide the ranking position of your website. You will lose opportunities to reach your customer if your website is not optimised for mobile.
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