Content and Ranking Factors for Google AI Search

There are certain content and ranking factors related to Google AI search. As well as content and ranking factors are concerned, content factors may be said to play a larger role.

Some of the SEO factors involve the following:

1.Statistical Analysis - 2005
When we talk about search engine algorithms statistical analysis was said to be a major evolution. It was because of statistical analysis that the ranking factors associated with SEO were evolved. It was also found that the quantity of links remained an important ranking factor.

2. Penguin Algorithm - 2012
The penguin algorithm relates to link ranking. This was said to be a milestone which changed how the SEO industry thought about ranking factor related to links.

3. Ranking Factors:
It is seen that Google has been using AI in search for almost the entire year of 2018. It is assumed that traditional ranking factors like links and headings still play a role for kicking out spam and also less relevant search results candidates. There are some other algorithms which include synonyms and stemming which help to broaden the amount of pages and at the same time not limit the results to pages which contain all the keywords.

4. Content Factors:
Some of the content factors include images, topic and search query meanings.
  • Images can be used to influence the ranking of a web page and also help it pop into featured snippets along with ranking in Google image search.
  • Topic as content provides the focus for your webpage.
  • With regards to search query meanings we are no longer said to be in the keyword era. The next evolution of SEO is understanding what users mean.

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