Jul 03, 2019

How to Increase Your User Engagement

If you seem to be worried regarding your user engagement you need to keep a few hacks on mind. Ranking on top on search engines is the prime focus if you land online.

Few hacks to keep in mind to increase user engagement :

  • Website Should be Responsive - Make sure that your website in quick and responsive in the first click itself.

  • Correct Linking of Pages - Make sure that you link the pages correctly.

  • Engaging Page - Focus on making your page as engaging as possible. Try to add elements like videos, music, texts and images.

  • Knowledge Dispersion - Make sure that the content you share is knowledgeable. Propel tend to visit sites that offer necessary information for free.

  • Website Should Be Clatter-Free - Focus on warding off unnecessary things from your website so that consumer's do it leave your website.

  • Improvement In Overall Suggestion - When you into selling a particular item make sure that you also provide certain accessories for that product.

  • Search Option - Always make sure to add a search toolbar to your website so that users do not have difficulty searching for anything.

  • Effective Use of CTA - CTA is an important area that you need to work upon.

  • Chabot - Chabot should be there to make sure that if consumers want any help they are there to help them.

  • Signing Up For Mailing List - Make sure that whenever a consumer visits your website they sign up for the mailing list. With the help of emails you can make sure to keep the consumer informed regarding new offers.
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