Why Backlinks are considered as the Backbone of your SEO

Backlinks are now an important part of your website. They are the backbone of your website and if your backlinks are stronger than better is the position of your website. Your SEO efforts can be dramatically affected even if there is a slightest change in your backlink profile.

Your backlinks might be badly affected without your knowledge which in turn will eventually destroy the perfect SEO life which your website might be enjoying. Some links might appear to be reputable and respectable however might be hacked at some point which will in turn affect your website as well.

There are times when the link might show no results. If such a thing happens it will eventually lead to the link breaking it out. You also need to have a close watch at your competitors and their backlink profile.

Also make sure that the link is placed properly and it works as required. If you have a bigger website and business than you need to understand that it will collect more backlinks. You need to constantly monitor the well-being of your backlinks since they are said to be a valuable asset to your business.
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