6 Social Media Trends that are Revamping Digital Advertising

Social Media is a fast growing space. There are certain social media trends which have revamped digital advertising. Seeing the increasing competition, growing fragmentation and decreasing attention spans it has become challenging for brands to grab customers attention through social media.

The following are the six key trends in order to keep digital marketing fresh and effective:
  1. Social Ad Spending: It is estimated that the social media ad spending will overtake TV by the year 2020. It is also seen that year by year more number of people are spending money on social media ads.
  2. Chatbots Enhance the Customer Experience: Chatbots seem to be a recent addition which are aimed at shaping the future of social media and content marketing. Chatbots are an answer to the key need within audiences for the purpose of speedy and efficient buying processes.
  3. Social's Organic Reach Dwindles: It is said that organic reach is on the decline. In order to keep your brand center stage on social you do not have to spend tons of money on ads. It is therefore advisable to post high-quality and engaging content which your audience will love.
  4. Facebook still Dominates: Despite being surrounded by controversies and scandal, Facebook still dominates social media and it does not seem to change anytime soon.
  5. Ephemeral Content touches Younger Audiences: Ephemeral content involves media, primarily images and videos which is shared for a brief period of time and then it disappears. There are popular channels which used such content which includes Snapchat and Instagram and it has now become a favourite of younger audiences because of its authenticity.
  6. Social might be Looking at Subscriptions Options: There are subscription services which are provided by Netflix and Hulu wherein you pay a set fee per month and get access to loads of ad-free content. There are now certain news media sites which have begun to offer a subscription service which removes ads from their content.
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