The Wall Street Journal yesterday reported that Instagram was in talks of launching its own vertical video feature anytime soon. However the name of the new video feature remains unclear and as to where it will appear. According to various sources, this new feature will provide a dedicated space for featuring scripted shows, music videos and more in vertical format with high-Def 4k resolution. There is also no clue regarding as to how the videos would work with the main Instagram app whether they would appear full-length or show up as previews to grab the audiences attention. The announcement of this launch is tentatively scheduled for June 20th. This feature is more focused on the kind of videos we get to see from YouTube creators. Instagram’s vast user base could make this video feature a strong marketing tool apart from letting the creators generate cash directly. While Facebook did not have much luck when it launched Facebook Watch in Aug 2017, Instagram’s new feature could prove to be a boom. This new launch will be Facebook’s answer to the already competing social video destinations namely YouTube and Snapchat Discover. Snapchat’s Discover section offers exclusive, professionally produced vertical video shows from an array of publishers and on the other hand YouTube is a stronger competitor. As of today YouTube’s ad revenue sharing agreements and massive engagement have made it the go-to platform for video makers. Instagram can use this as an opportunity through this new video launch to go through the best content published by its creators and curate it for its casual audiences. This would also potentially make its million users glued to the app for some more time.