The Snap Map feature, introduced earlier this year by Snaphat for friends to share their location with each other and check out places and happenings of interest in areas nearby, had come under some criticism in the past for broadcasting a user’s location even after the app was closed and general breach of personal privacy. Responding to such views, Snapchat has taken measures to protect their users’ privacy by resolving this issue and also giving them more control over their location sharing. This new feature, which is still reported as being in the works, will allow a user to select a specific time as to when they want to share their location, and also request a friend’s location – which will appear on the Snap Map when they agree to the request. The ‘Request Location’ and ‘Send My Location’ options can be found in the hamburger menu for particular chat threads. This feature will also only work for users who have added each other as friends mutually; a big advantage for users who do not want to be pestered for their location by random users. Reports indicate that this feature will be rolled out pretty soon, and both iOS and Android users will be able to avail this feature.