Apr 15, 2019

Amazon Transcribes your Conversations with Alexa

Have you ever got the feeling that someone at Amazon is listening in while you are speaking with virtual assistant ALexa? Amazon have a number of employees who are being paid to not only listen to recordings of your interactions with Alexa but to also write it down.

Thousands of employees seems to be given the task of transcribing these recordings, adding comments and loading the information into a software program. This is basically to help Alexa improve its understanding of how humans speak.

It is also said to help the digital assistant respond more accurately to users' comments. Alexa is basically designed to use algorithms for improving its performance and user experience but also there are human Amazon employees involved in this process.

With the transcriptions, Amazon helps Alexa grasp some things that the company's algorithms might not cover. It is seen that both Apple and Google also transcribe recordings of users using Siri and Google Assistant respectively.
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