Oct 14, 2018

Google Chrome for Android may soon get an Explore Feature

Google chrome for Android is all set to get a new Explore Feature. The explore feature will basically suggest you to pages which you have never explored before. After the feature is completely implemented, it will present itself on a New Tab page immediately when you open the Chrome Browser.

As of now, the feature is said to be in the testing phase but you can enable it on the browser. In order to enable the feature, go to the URL: chrome://flags which will land you in a page called Experiments.

After this, in the search box, type the word 'explore' in order to find a flag item known as 'Explore websites'. After that, below the name set the value to Enabled. Start relaunching Chrome and on the new Tab page you can see the Explore section.

However, whether Google will retain this feature or not remains a question mark. Also, whether the feature will appear in the iOS version of Chrome is in question.
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