Sep 01, 2018

Google Launches Ad Strength Metric Offering

Google is about to launch Ad Strength Metric offering which will basically provide advertisers with greater insights. The new metric will assist customers regarding Google search ads, Responsive Display ad and Universal App Campaigns.

The news was announced on Monday. The Ad Strength offers insights and best practices which will provide information to the marketers regarding image choices, prediction on CTRs and ad copy diversity. The Ad strength which will act as a barometer will score the selected image and copy choices from poor to excellent which will be based on headlines, descriptions, and other visual assets which are foundations of effective ad combinations.

In the words of Google, the users of Ad Strength will be required to provide at least five variations in headlines and descriptions before the machine learning will offer predictions on the basis of click-through rates. With respect to display ads, the marketers will be required to provide atleast 15 image variations and about five logos, headlines and description per display ad.

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