Nov 06, 2018

How to Celebrate Diwali Digitally and Environment Friendly

What are the words that come to your mind when the word Diwali pops up: sweets, lots of sweets, greeting cards, crackers and playing card games? Without them, Diwali might feel incomplete. But did you know you could substitute most of these with digital alternatives?

So here are some Digital Alternatives for all the above 

Online Card Games
Apps such as Zynga Poker, World Series of Poker, Poker Games and Poker Masters deal in Virtual Currency.

Virtual Crackers
Later in the night is one when we pop outside and start bursting crackers. As fun as it is, it's noisy and an environmental hazard. Better alternatives are apps!

They're not as flashy and definitely not as noisy, but they have the advantage of being 100 percent smoke-free. These apps aren’t time bound, so you can even enjoy bursting crackers even during the day. Also, no one would get hurt.

There are apps such as Diwali Crackers: Diwali fireworks app which is available on Android. This app emulates fireworks like flowerpots, chakra, bomb and rockets, allowing us to bursts virtual crackers.

E Greeting Cards
Sending someone a greeting card is old-school and cute, but sending it to someone who stays far far away can get a little expensive, plus, it can take a lot of time as well. So here’s a faster alternative — E-greeting cards! These greeting card apps are extremely easy to use but they do come with a lot of ad interruptions.

You can easily use web apps like Canva and Adobe Spark for creating your own Greeting Cards. Once created, you can spread the Diwali joy by sharing these e-cards via WhatsApp or any of the social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

So let’s get the festivities going !

Happy Diwali !


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