May 09, 2019

Microsoft's New AI Writing Tool To Spot Your Unconscious Biases.

Microsoft recently seems to have announced a new artificial intelligence based writing tool known as 'Ideas'. This tool seems to go beyond correcting grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. It is also able to make for a rewrite and there are also other aspects which can help with making a document more readable. 

Google does not seem to be the only company that is trying to predict what are you going to do next. Microsoft also at their developer's conference Build 2019 announced that it is going to come out with its own writing tool which will be called as 'Ideas' for Microsoft Word

The cloud-based AI tool is  designed to do more than just correcting grammatical mistakes and spelling errors as per the company. Ideas will be able to make suggestions for a rewrite, integrate Word Designer which is a formatting and presentation tool and also make documents more readable


This AI tool will suggest that you probably rewrite that segment of the document in Microsoft Word, if the words in a sentence are in the wrong order. For marketers, Ideas is supposed to promote inclusive writing which basically means being more gender neutral

Ideas is also said to integrate in Word Designer. Microsoft's AI seems to look more complex on paper and it is not going to be free to use. It will come to be known in the month of June when Microsoft makes Ideas available for preview.