Dec 26, 2018

There are some People Beating Christmas Loneliness On Twitter with the hashtag JoinIn

Christmas is a festival of lights and social gatherings. There are certain people who love to go out for social gatherings whereas there are some who wish to stay on their own. A trend was set on Twitter with the #JoinIn for people in order to beat their Christmas Loneliness. 

This trend was set in order to ease the pain for many people who are alone. It was British comedian Sarah Milican who has since the past 8 years been seen hosting a Twitter gathering foe helping people who are feeling lonely n Christmas. By using the #JoinIn, Milican invites anyone who is feeling alone or lonely so that they can join the conversation. 

There are people who seem to be quite happy being alone on the holiday. However, there are people who dont wish to be alone but yet land up in the situation for various reasons.  

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