Aug 30, 2018

How to get WhatsApp Payments Feature on Your Phone

WhatsApp Pay, the payment service by the messaging app, is being tested by iOS and Android beta users, and is yet to be rolled out to the normal users. WhatsApp has over 1.3 million active users in India who will be able to use the service once it is rolled out. The service is based on Unified Payments Interface (UPI) which links the service to your bank account so that users can send and receive money from friends and relatives. There is a way to get WhatsApp Payments feature even when you're a normal user and not a beta user. The following steps can be followed by user to get the WhatsApp Pay feature.

Note: You can only get the beta version of WhatsApp pay feature if a person in your contact list has the feature enabled on their phone.

  1. You have to ask the person from your contact list who has the WhatsApp pay feature to send you a request.
  2. Then you will be asked to set up your UPI Account through this invitation. For linking your bank account to WhatsApp Payments, go to Settings > Payments > Bank Accounts, and click on 'Add new account’. After reading the terms and conditions, click on ‘accept and continue’.
  3. Then you have to verify your mobile number using the SMS sent on your phone. After which you can select your bank from the options given and then the app will automatically show you the bank accounts linked to your phone number. You can choose one of these accounts if you have multiple bank accounts linked to one number.
  4. Next, you have to set up your 4 digit UPI PIN which will be required before any payment transaction is made.

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