Recently a news highlighted the fact about how smart locks are being easily hacked within seconds. Some sources have found out that a padlock which claims itself to be hi-tech is hacked with so much ease even after being supported with a fingerprint. Tapplock gives the assurance that it’s one of the “world’s first smart fingerprint padlock”. According to certain research that was being conducted it was found out that it took not more than 45 minutes to unlock any kind of Tapplock. These padlocks are widely available in the UK markets where they cost somewhere around 8 pounds. Andrew Tierney, the security expert from Pen Test partners found out that it took him not more than a couple of seconds to unlock the padlock. He further added that unlocking these padlocks in no rocket science and that it requires no special skills or knowledge to get it unlocked. The major flaw in the padlock is related to its design wherein you can easily locate the unlock key. Such easy hacking of these padlocks puts a big question relating to the security of the data and it makes them more vulnerable to trivial attacks. Tapplock has issued notice relating to this issue and has assured its customers that it will soon come with a new update which will address this issue. It also claims that the security will remain intacted as it will keep on providing updates from time to time. After Tapplock was featured on Dragon’s Den Canada it was able to raise somewhere around more than $3,30,000 on crowdfunding site. These locks provide the ease of not having to remember the combination codes rather it can also be accessed through your smartphones. The easy unlocking of these padlocks was found out by some Youtuber who easily noticed that the back of the lock can be removed in short enabling the attackers to unlock it. Mr. Tierney found about that and decided to investigate a little further by finding out the software on which it was running. After what he found out he contacted Tapplock and much by his surprise the company were aware of the flaw. He further told the company that it was their duty to inform the customers so that they are not misleaded.

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