Last month, speculations had emerged that Google was planning to launch its services in the Indian e-commerce market to take advantage of the growth in e-commerce sector. It was also rumored that Google will be investing in Flipkart after the acquisition by Walmart. However, according to reports Flipkart has refused any investment from Google as they deem it to be a potential rival.


Google has released an update to its voice AI- Google Assistant service which will now be referred through colours. Earlier each voice option was referred by numbers which would be replaced by colors. These colors and voice options have been randomly selected so that a color is not associated to a specific gender or intonation. Google’s latest efforts to disregard rigid gender roles and stand out among its competitors like Amazon and Apple which initially had only a female voice AI assistant.


Facebook has reportedly hired Google’s senior director of engineering Shahriar Rabii who was responsible for development of AI chips at Google. Silicon Valley's top tech companies have been infamous for their aggressive recruiting practices.The company latest hiring power move indicates another exit from Google after Apple poached Google’s AI head earlier this year.


Amazon has invested another $33.5 Million (INR 230 Cr) in its digital payments system Amazon Pay, three months after an investment of $30 Million in March 2018. This brings the total funds invested for 2017 to $100 million. As per RoC filings, the funds were deployed by Singapore-based Amazon Corporate Holdings and Amazon.com.incs.


Letstrack- a GPS enabled tracking solutions provider has announced to introduce Letstrack points for its premium retailers across India. It plans to invest $2 Mn in building these partnerships with their retailers with focus on supporting their marketing needs to attract more customers.


Unacademy, a Bengaluru-based startup providing an online learning platform has raised $21 Mn in Series C funding from Sequoia India, SAIF Partners, and Nexus Venture Partners. With this round of funding, the edtech startup plans to strengthen its core product and technology team and get more educators on its platform.


YouTube recently launched incognito mode for Android users which allows users to watch videos without them appearing in their search history. You can use the incognito mode by downloading the latest version of the app on playstore and clicking on your avatar.


Recently, Twitter went on a purging spree for deleting all fake accounts that led to many famous accounts losing millions of followers in one day. President Donald Trump lost 340,000 followers, Former President Barack Obama lost 3 million. Rihanna is down by 2 million followers.


Uber will now get real time updates regarding new criminal charges against its drivers to ensure more security for its passengers. The ride sharing company has been under fire since the beginning because of the misconduct of its drivers.


Knowhere, a news company is using machine learning techniques to combat fake news in its published articles.They collect data from various sources regarding a particular news item and map it to understand what is reliable information. It is a lengthy process but it ensures that the article comes out to be unbiased and factually accurate.