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How the Latest Google March 2019 Core Update is affecting SERP Rankings
2 days ago | pctechmag.com

There was a Google Florida update which was seen in the month of March 2019. The update is named as Forida Update since it has happened around the same time as that of the Pubcon Florida SEO conference. Instead of naming it as Florida 2 Update it has been named as the March 2019 Core Update.

How Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube Celebrated Earth Day

Earth Day was just around the corner. In respect to this, Twitter,Snapchat and YouTube outlined new data and provided new tools marking the importance of Earth Day. They have created new tools for the purpose of raising awareness and enabling users to participate in the same.

Instagram Most Likely to Stop Showing Likes Count in Posts
3 days ago | thenewscrunch.com

Instagram is all set to hide the number of local likes on your posts. There is a recent prototype which seems to have revealed this.

Everything About Snapchat Ads Manager
3 days ago | ppc.land

Snapchat Ads Manager is basically a Snapchat self-ad platform which enables advertisers to place targeted ads on Snapchat. These Ads Manager seem to be having ainimun daily spending of 20 euros per day.

How to Mute Keywords And Phrases on Twitter
3 days ago | businessinsider.com

Twitter has now started to provide its users with the ability to mute keywords and phrases on its platform. It's seems difficult on Twitter to avoid spoilers.

Twitter introduced New Emojis for Avengers Endgame
7 days ago | timesnownews.com

Twitter has recently introduced around 40 new emojis together with Marvel Cinematic Universe. The new emojis display all the characters and also those who were snapped by Thanos. You can now use these emojis on Twitter.