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AR/VR/XR is an exciting area of software development, but a rapid expanse in the quality of technology is not enough to make an area a fully-functioning “eco-system” and take over existing platforms. VR is certainly valuable, but the criticality of the technology is what drives innovation, user growth and acceptance. And even critical case uses are not enough – there need ti be built critical apps and platforms which employ AR/VR to do something which absolutely cannot be done otherwise.


Google AdWords which was recently rebranded to Google Ads, is a digital advertising platform that enables marketers to run marketing campaigns and generate comprehensive reports of the results. However, the reports do not showcase when someone clicks on your ad and ends up calling the business. This is a kind of conversion that is not captured in the online reports.Hence marketers should pass call data into Google Ads, so that they can justify their ad spend even better.


According to the following article, if you want to grow your sales through your social media you need to keep in mind some of the points. If you know how to use this thing to your advantage than social media will provide you with immense opportunities to sell your products or services online.


Google is reportedly set to release its own line of smart speaker display. Initially, the company was relying on third-party hardware makers such as Lenovo to do the manufacturing of smart displays. However, now it has planned to launch its own smart screen Home devices before the end of this year. Google Home is a AI voice assistant which will now reportedly pose a smart touchscreen display.


According to the following article, Google has recently updated its Location History language after tracking backlash. Just about a couple of days back Google admitted the fact that it continues to track its users even after disabling the location history tracking.


The following article basically highlights some of the ways in which you can make your social network work in favour of you. It has been seen in recent months, that many companies have started to recruit people from social media especially for entry level positions as well as internships.


As marketers and consultants get used to the new Google Ads which have replaced AdWords, there is fear among them that the upcoming automated system will treaten their careers. However, that's not true, as Google uses artifical intellignece in its ad system, people in the industry are likely to remain being valuable. Here's why:


According to sources, EazyDiner is all set to raise about $5.85 million. EazyDiner is a Restaurant Table Reservation startup. It is backed by cricketer Yuvraj Singh and is currently valued at $39.99 million.


Google is introducing a new panel to show additional 'snippets' in the results of a searched query. Usually, when a person is searching, the most relevant image and text to the query appears on top of other search results, which is decided by Google's algorithm. Now with this new format of snippets, one could see additional subtopics related to the query which saves having to search for them separately.


LinkedIn, has now decided to incorporate its Groups feature into its main mobile app for all platforms, saying “As one of our flagship products, LinkedIn is heavily invested in maintaining Groups and exploring ways to improve our member communities by fully merging Groups into the LinkedIn website and the main LinkedIn mobile iOS and Android apps."

Try out our Daily Quiz

Participate to win exciting prices worth ‎₹1000 every week