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OYO is all set to enter the unicorn club with a strategic funding of $500 million to $1 billion, thus valuing it at $4 billion. People close to the company have reported that it is in talks with two consortiums – a combination of SoftBank Vision Fund and WeWork, and a group of US-based travel investors. SoftBank’s proposed investment will take them closer to a majority holding, but they have made it clear that Agarwal and the current team will continue to run the operations.


A Content Manager is responsible for how any company's message is portrayed in different mediums. Since 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C companies are using content marketing, the position of a Content Manager is indispensable for almost all companies. However, there are plenty of things that are not part of the job description of a Content Manager.


According to recent sources, Ebix May is all set to invest about $500 million in acquisitions. The main aim for this move is to basically target the IPO segment in India by the year 2019. It has announced about 11 acquisitions in the past 14 months.


In an effort to integrate voice assistants Cortana and Alexa, Microsoft will launch a public preview of the integration on August 15. This will allow Alexa device owners to use Cortana and call Alexa using Cortana on Windows 10 devices. Customers can preview this feature but some may not be able to gain access, as the feature will roll out in the coming days.


Google has launched a new tool called Google Signals to track various prospects on different devices. Since cross-device advertising is more cost effective than single device marketing, this new features will help advertisers optimize their advertisement expenditure and provide the same user experience across devices.


According to sources, social media giant Facebook is all set to shut down its Friend Lists Feed today. This feature enabled users to view posts and scroll down from one their designated friend lists which included anyone from their family, work, colleagues, etc.


The following article highlights the fact about how we can maintain balance in the Digital Advertising Equation. The balance to be maintained is basically in terms of Efficiency and Emotion.


According to sources, Facebook is all set to buy Vidpresso’s team and tech in order to make their videos interactive. Since static video is considered to be unhealthy for viewers Facebook is all set to make its videos interactive and it will be filled with conversations with both the broadcasters as well as fellow viewers.


Snapchat has officially reported that its daily active user count has dipped from 191 million to 188 million in Q2 2018, but has actually brought in more revenue ($262 million) versus the expected amount ($250.43 million). In comparison to Instagram’s 300 million, Facebook’s 228 million and WhatsApp’s 200 million added users from Q2 2017 to Q2 2018, Snapchat’s dismal figure only hovers around 15 million.


A new powerful and free SEO tool has been launched by, and it can prove quite helpful in tracking your website’s daily SEO performance. The tool allows website owners to check and measure a wide variety of metrics, such as their website’s load time, daily changes in Google and keyword ranking in their own countries and abroad, and server response time.

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Participate to win exciting prices worth ‎₹1000 every week