YouTube announces Certain Changes to Make it More Child Friendly

YouTube seems to be working towards making a few changes seeing the fact that more and more children get exposed to harmful content on the web.

Twitter Disabled its Geo-Tagging Feature
5 days ago | engadget.com

Twitter has now disabled the ability to tag your precise location from tweets. The change is set to be rolling out slowly all over.

Facebook Digital Wallet Might be a Boon to Marketers
5 days ago | marketingland.com

Facebook has recently decided to launch its own digital wallet known as 'Calibra'.The digital wallet will be inaugurated during 2020.

US warns India against Sharing Goods with Huawei

It seems the US government also wants India to follow it's foot steps. The US warns the Indian government that in case they are found supplying having American origin to Huawei then it shall be ready to face dire consequences.

Facebook Launches its Cryptocurrency - Libra
6 days ago | which-50.com

Facebook seems to be wanting to establish it's presence in every sector. The year 2020 will see the launch of a cryptocurrency by the social media giant.

The Google-Genius Copyright Dispute
6 days ago | wired.com

Google now seems to be attacked by the music site Genius. Google is accused of stealing one of its crowdsourced song transcripts.