Search engine optimization
5 Effective Steps For Improving Website's Authority.
6 days ago | bestinau.com.au

When it comes to search engine optimization, Domain authority is now an important factor that needs to be considered. If you have a good domain authority it will most likely result in your website getting strong traffic and also a high rank on the SERP's.

Twitter Recently Admitted That It Shared iOS Users' Private Data With A Third-Party.
6 days ago | wccftech.com

Twitter seems to apologize to its users for revealing iOS users' private data to a third-party. It has openly admitted its mistake and has given an open apology to its users affected by the same.

Google's Bet On Visual Search Might Be A Game Changer For Advertisers.
6 days ago | adage.com

Google at the IO event recently showcased its visual search product in San Francisco. It also highlighted the Lens app for recognizing physical images and translating words in Chinese to English.

Digital marketing tips
Airbnb - A Great Example Of Email Marketing.
6 days ago | mediapost.com

One of the most lucrative digital channel is said to be email marketing. There are only a small number of people who actually open their marketing emails which is about 13.6%. Airbnb's marketing emails are said to be aesthetically-pleasing and personalized.

ServiceNow Acquired Mobile Analytics Startup Appsee.
6 days ago | techcrunch.com

ServiceNow has come up with announcement that it is all set to acquire Appsee. Appsee is an intellectual property and key personnel of mobile analytics company. The price for this deal however remains undisclosed.

Search engine optimization
Top 15 Free SEO Tools That You Should Consider To Use.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has recently gained a lot of importance. If you want to achieve better results by having minimal financial investment than you should consider using certain best free SEO tools.