Facebook is planning to roll out a new ad format that will use Augmented Reality technologies to let users ‘try on’ the item featured in the advertisement. This is supposed to help users make a purchase decision based on how the product will look on them. Michael Kors is the first brand to feature and test its sunglasses using this new ad format. In response to Facebook’s new ad format, Snapchat’s stock took a hit.


Alibaba Cloud is set to launch a new distribution channel to tap into the opportunities presented by the growth in Indian startups and small businesses. It has also said that it will build specialized teams to focus on different segments in the highly diversified Indian market and plans to train 1000 sales and technology personnel in the coming six months to strengthen its new distribution network.


Microsoft latest test build of Windows 10 'Redstone 5 includes many features, fixes and corrects many known issues. The fixes are for Edge browser, Windows Defender Application, Notepad and Azure. Windows 10 Redstone 5, also rumored to be known as 1809, is expected to launch in October 2018 for consumers.


Information Commissioner's Office of UK has fined Facebook for £500,000 after the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. Facebook is accused of not making sure that the users data was deleted by Cambridge Analytica and as a result used to swing the results of the election. The company has also been accused of not telling its users how it was targeting them nor giving them any control over how they want to share their data.


YouTube has launched a new feature for its Android app which will allow users to shift into incognito mode to watch videos. This will help users watch videos without it affecting their watch history and recommendations. This feature is expected to expand to other platforms like desktop browser and iOS in the coming months.


Uber has laid off 100 of its safety drivers in Pittsburgh who were part of testing team for self driving cars. The company had to suspend testing its self driving cars after a deadly crash on 19th March in Arizona. Although the company is still working on its self driving cars, it has scaled back its operations significantly.


Opera, the web browser company has launched a private beta for a cryptocurrency wallet for its Android app. The wallet will initially support Ethereum and then expand to other crypto coins in the future.


YouTube is about to launch a new tool called the Copyright Match, which would notify its users if their videos have been copied and posted by someone else. This feature would initially be available to creators with more than 100,000 subscribers and will later be rolled out to other users. After a copied version of the video is found on YouTube, it will notify the user and the user can take any action from the 3 options provided: contact the person who made the copy, ask YouTube to delete the copy or take no action.


Shop101, a social e-commerce website, which helps entrepreneurs to sell their products online, has raised $25 million in its latest funding round from Stellaris Venture Partners. The online platform enables small businesses to set up an online store in a few minutes. They provide seamless technological and logistical support to its users. With the latest funding round, it aims to invest in further development of their product team as well as increasing their supplier network.


Facebook is testing a feature on its Messenger service which will let users know the country of origin of the person and whether the account was recently created. This will help users identify malicious accounts who send unsolicited messages. This move comes after Facebook decided to scale its efforts to curb the spread of fake information online. Facebook has to especially deal with the repercussions of Russian government’s fake information campaign after 2016 presidential election.