The Rising Menace of Digital Disinformation.
6 days ago | washingtonpost.com

There is an ever increasing number of people who have accounts on different social media platforms. Hence, a huge number of population is available online. This clearly depicts how rapidly digital disinformation seems to be advancing.

Facebook Enhances its Image Sharing Features.
6 days ago | indiatoday.in

Facebook seems to be on a spree to launch new and improved features. Recently, Facebook is seen to have come up with a new feature that will allow users with better photo-sharing facilities.

The Most Trending 2019 iPhone Apps.
6 days ago | in.mashable.com

Before the year 2019 bids adieu, there are various apps that took our heart away this year. Since the year is just about the corner to end, why not raise a toast and have a look at the most used and widely popular apps on Apple.

Facebook to Launch its First Data Portability Tool.

Facebook now seems to be coming up with more and more new and unique features. The new feature by Facebook is most probably related to the videos and photos. The feature will be based on the transferability of photos between platforms.

Digital marketing tips
Interesting Digital Marketing Trends in 2020.
6 days ago | techtimes.com

2020 just seems to be around the corner. The year went by seeing many advancements in technology. Digital marketing also seemed to have witnessed immense changes. One great thing that was noticed this year was by Google.

Cyber security
An Infectious Email by Microsoft seems to be on a Rise.

Cyber crimes seem to be on a rise these days. A new hacking technique through your email account has been recently reported. A malicious email from Microsoft seems to be doing the rounds which appears by the subject as 'Windows 10 update'.