Search engine optimization
Link Building is the Most Effective SEO Strategy for better Rankings

2019 has arrived with a bang. The big question still remains is the fact that is ink building still the most effective SEO strategy in 2019. Backlinks are said to be the cruz of SEO. It is said that the number and quality of backlinks which a website manages is said to have a detrimental impact on search engine rankings.

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Technology tips
How can a Business Grow by focusing on Long Tailed Keywords
3 days ago | techiexpert.com

So how can you grow your business by focusing on long-tail keywords. One of the integral part of the economy is said to be business. It is quite common nowadays for businesses to setup e-commerce stores and also having service providers display their products through the internet.

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YouTube App gets Swiping Gesture for Skipping Videos
3 days ago | slashgear.com

YouTube now comes with something exciting for its mobile app. YouTube mobile apps now gets a new swiping gesture for the purpose of skipping ads. The update has come out for both Android and iOS. Users will be able to swipe on the screen in order to quickly jump forward or backward to different videos.

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Digital marketing tips
How to perform Offline Marketing Efficiently
3 days ago | bestinau.com.au

When we talk regarding marketing offline marketing techniques are often overlooked when it comes to talking regarding online marketing techniques like email, social media, pay-per-click and content marketing. Howver, offline marketing is said to be more risky for the very fact that it cannot be tracked, measured and analysed.

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Story behind the Most Popular Post in History - The Instagram Egg
3 days ago | independent.co.uk

There is a latest buzz around going this Instagram post regarding this Instagram Egg. So what is the story behind this most popular post in history? This post has revealed how a picture of an egg from an unknown account found viral success.

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Facebook Events can be shared to Stories Now
3 days ago | digitaltrends.com

Facebook comes up with a new update. Now Facebook events can be shared to stories. Soon Facebook events can be seen coming to stories. A new share button was launched by Facebook on the 14th of January which basically allowed users to share an Event inside Stories.

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