Search engine optimization
How to Create an Effective Landing Page
43 hours ago | seoshark.com.au

When we talk regarding SEO copywriter, landing pages are an crucial aspect of website content. Landing page is basically a web page that is specially created and designed for a user in order to arrive on after licking on a PPC.

Twitter to get New Snapchat like Feature
44 hours ago | business-standard.com

Twitter is seen developing a new Snapchat like ‘News Camera’ feature. It seems like Twitter too is walking on the path of Snapchat.

Technology tips
LinkedIn to Merge its already existing 3 Hiring Tools
6 days ago | onmsft.com

LinkedIn is all set to merge three of its hiring tools into a single new experience. It has introduced a beta rollout of its new LinkedIn Live Video streaming service which combines its disparate app offerings into a more streamlined experience. It is also set to launch a new Groups experience.

Search engine optimization
Essential Dos and Donts for an Effective SEO Strategy
6 days ago | thriveagency.com

SEO is no doubt one of the most popular technological advancements. However like any other thing there are certain essential do's and dont's which you need to keep in mind while you create your SEO strategy.

Content marketing
Key Email Marketing Phrases you should be Aware of
6 days ago | business.com

When we are engaged in email marketing we need to be aware of certain specific phrases. Email can still be considered to be one most reliable source of communication including everyone from friends, family and businesses.

Technology tips
Google tested Ads in Assistant Results

Google is seen to test ads in Assistant results. It was announced by Google earlier that Assistant would now be available on one billion devices.