Snapchat to Conduct Partner Summit via the Virtual Way.
37 days ago |

Snapchat seems to be final on its decision to hold its Partner Summit that was scheduled in the month of June. It will be a virtual event that will be held on the 11th of June.

Snap sees a Huge Rise in its Downloads.
3 months ago |

The current ongoing coronavirus pandemic has brought people more closer via social networking platforms. Snapchat, the most popular social networking platform is been seeing a great increase in its usage these days.

With Snapchat's New Tool Advertisers can now Create AR Ads.
3 months ago |

Snapchat has come up with a new tool. The new tool will basically allow users to create AR-based ads for their business. The tool will make use of the AR lens and has been named as 'Lens Web Builder'.

Snapchat Introduces New Snapchat Cameos Feature.
6 months ago |

Snapchat has arrived with a whole new set of new and improved features. This new feature is said to be one of the biggest announcements by Snapchat.

New Guide for Auto Marketers Launched by Snapchat.
7 months ago |

Automarketers are now being provided with a new guide by Snapchat. The vehicle market is seen rising year on year. Therefore, it is now time that auto marketers brace up their marketing strategies.

Snapchat Witnesses High Growth Rate in Boomers
7 months ago |

It can be seen that after a failed redesign attempt in 2018 by Snapchat, the company seems to be finally witnessing growth. The growth has been seen in most age groups except between 18 to 24 years old.

Snapchat Conducts new Research to better Understand User Behavior
7 months ago |

Snapchat currently seems to be on a research spree. It was seen working on a new research report for the purpose of better understanding of the buying pattern of its users.

Snapchat Announces Lens Studio 2.1
10 months ago |

Snapchat has finally come out with its new Lens Studio 2.1 with some exciting new additions. The Lens Studio 2.1 will include around 6 new templates, 14 new landmarkers and many other amazing tools.

Snapchat Brings Landmarkers Feature To India
10 months ago |

Snapchat introduces some new features to India as well. The Landmarkers feature by Snapchat has finally made its entry to India. the feature basically highlights augmented reality experience.