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Google is introducing a new panel to show additional 'snippets' in the results of a searched query. Usually, when a person is searching, the most relevant image and text to the query appears on top of other search results, which is decided by Google's algorithm. Now with this new format of snippets, one could see additional subtopics related to the query which saves having to search for them separately.


A new powerful and free SEO tool has been launched by, and it can prove quite helpful in tracking your website’s daily SEO performance. The tool allows website owners to check and measure a wide variety of metrics, such as their website’s load time, daily changes in Google and keyword ranking in their own countries and abroad, and server response time.


According to the following article, it is believed that the unmatched capabilities of WordPress can make one of the best choices for the launch of effective SEO. In order to optimize your SEO performance one of the key aspects includes having a good SEO friendly website.


The advent of voice AI assistants like Alexa, Google Home, and the Amazon Echo is changing how consumers search on the web. Around 41% of adults around the world are using their voices to search for things online. Also, voice based searches are 3 times more likely to be about local businesses. The fact that SEO is different for voice searches means that retail businesses need to re-optimize their content so that they don't miss out potential customers.


The following article talks about how the ranking of optimise image search can help to increase organic traffic. In the month of February Google had made changes in terms of how images are searched.


Search engine optimization is used to organically rank higher in search engine results. This is extremely important since most people search for solutions to their problems online. It is especially important for entrepreneurs and companies who are selling their products online and want to increase their visibility. Having a deep understanding of SEO and its constituents will help your web pages to rank higher on search engines.


In this era of inevitable technology, businesses have become highly competitive. Advertising agencies, marketing departments are all trying everything under the sun to get more traffic, leads, and customers. However, the presence of the internet makes it challenging. People think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a means to improve their website’s searchability and visibility.


Thought Google's search engine optimization (SEO) algorithm was completely figured out? Well, you're wrong because it has changed. Yet again. The SEO is a never-ending system. Its basic feature is producing search results based on 'keywords' and backlinks entered by the user.


SEO practices have recently gained importance and with companies willing to create a mark on its customers through online reach have been increasingly focusing on improving the same. It has now become crucial for companies to reach to their target audeince in the most impactful way with its core message, dedicated product line and latest offers or promotions. Therefore the need for implementing SEO practices has increased and also organisations are increasingly finding new ways for its continuos improvement.


The exact procedure of how Google ranks pages in its SERPs have almost always remained a mystery – but a Google employee may have shed some light on that now – revealing that the number of clicks it takes to reach a certain page from a site’s home page is more preferred over URL structure. David Mueller from Google said that the number of slashes in a URL does not matter as much as the number of clicks it takes to reach the page from the home page – fewer the clicks, the more important the page.

Try out our Daily Quiz

Participate to win exciting prices worth ‎₹1000 every week