WhatsApp Emerges to be the most Popular Platform for Video Calls
34 days ago | qz.com

No wonder why so many messaging platforms came, stayed, and later went off the air. Looking at the love that WhatsApp has received globally, there is no other platform that could ever challenge its popularity. During the past few months, when people were compelled to stay indoors WhatsApp saw a rise in its usage, especially when it came to video calls.

Signal might Emerge to be a Tough Rival to WhatsApp
35 days ago | thehansindia.com

The signal app is all set to give WhatsApp some fierce competition or it might soon turn out to be a replacement for WhatsApp. Currently, Signal is working towards testing a new beta feature that will enable one-to-one video and voice calls from the desktop app.

Signal is Here to give WhatsApp some Fierce Competition
37 days ago | forbes.com

The battlefield for WhatsApp is seen to be getting intensified with the increasing number of competitors eyeing to reach the number one spot of being the most secure messaging platform. Uber-secure Signal is here to give some fierce competition to WhatsApp. The signal app is currently beta testing its new voice and video calls from the desktop app.

WhatsApp's New Search The Web Feature
56 days ago | gadgets.ndtv.com

We receive numerous forwards on WhatsApp every day. We rarely take the pain to find out whether the information forwarded is correct or fake. We have already been witnessing a massive spread of misinformation, leading to serious consequences.

WhatsApp was seen to be on a Roller Coaster Ride the Last Week

WhatsApp is one of the most loved platforms. It has millions of users worldwide. However, WhatsApp seemed to be on a roller coaster ride the past week. From new stickers to facing a global outage many things were seen happening on the platform. Due to the current, social media platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram have seen a major boost in the level of engagement by users.

Steps on Using Messenger Rooms in WhatsApp on iPhones.

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg introduced a new feature known as Messenger Rooms. Messenger Rooms allowed the users of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Portal users to interact with each other.

WhatsApp Rolls Out New Beta Version 2.20.243 for its Upcoming Feature.
5 months ago | bgr.in

WhatsApp is all set to be geared up for its upcoming new and improved features. The feature might be available in the next version of WhatsApp beta 2.20.143. The highlight of the feature is likely to be multi-device support.

WhatsApp Enhances its Group-Calling Feature.
5 months ago | trendingnewsbuzz.com

WhatsApp has recently worked on fighting its limitations relating to the group-calling feature. Addressing the limitations will give WhatsApp an edge over the current trending app Zoom. Video conferencing has recently gained quite a prominence due to the current lockdown period.

WhatsApp's New Beta Version will now Allow Group Calls with 8 Participants.
5 months ago | gadgets.ndtv.com

WhatsApp has released its new beta version. It has introduced a new update that will now support upto 8 users during a video call. The new version is now out on beta for users using both Android and iOS devices.