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Creating a robust website is important for every business' SEO. Hence, a content audit of your website, will help you to find any errors made and correct them before they are penalized by search engines. An audit will help you to create an SEO friendly content for your website


A Content Manager is responsible for how any company's message is portrayed in different mediums. Since 91% of B2B and 86% of B2C companies are using content marketing, the position of a Content Manager is indispensable for almost all companies. However, there are plenty of things that are not part of the job description of a Content Manager.


According to the following article, Google Trends can be used to improve Content Marketing and SEO. It has been observed that law firms without the help of dedicated personnel would find it difficult to perform detailed analysis. This is the time when Google Trends actually comes into picture.


The Indian Content Marketing Awards (ICMA 2018) by Audacity celebrates the best content marketing campaigns of the past year. This event would be a showcase of celebrating talent and expertise of brand marketers across India. The 2nd edition of e4m Content JAM will also be launched this year where global marketing experts will speak on the theme 'Content First: Storytelling in the Digital Age'.


The following article basically highlights how affiliate marketing can help to reduce the level of unemployment. It has been seen that the level of unemployment among Malaysian graduates has been a growing cause of concern. Though a large number of graduates pass out but still the number of people getting jobs is quite less.


Most companies still consider content marketing nothing more than ‘sticking their logo on the side of a building’, whereas it is a reaction to the influx of technology in people’s life and the increased accessibility to knowledge. Employee advocacy is the new big thing, with companies turning to their employees to create and share content. People can outright smell propaganda, so companies must focus earning their customers’ trust before they try to ‘clickbait’ them into buying their products.


Creating a website or a blog for your business is essential for your business in this rapidly evolving and technologically advanced world. Though it might seem to be a somewhat tough task to accomplish, it is actually quite easy to setup. Take some time out and research about the market, and choose a relevant domain name. Set out your website carefully to catch the attention of the reader. Use social media effectively to spread word about your blog and make it popular.


Email might seem to be a communication and marketing tool of the bygone era, but it is still very much in vogue. In fact, about 73% of millennials to conduct their business communications through the exchange of emails. Follow-up emails need not be flamboyant, they just need to provoke thought into your customers’ minds. If you receive un-subscription requests, be subtly apologetic in your reply. Don’t expect people to respond in essays.


According to sources, Google claims that it is not keen on wasting $3.3 million on free home speakers. However, the idea seems unusual and should be taken seriously. eMarketer’s latest estimates says that Google could control about 29.5% of the smart speaker market with its devices but however amazon will still remain a little above with 66.6 %.

Creating a company blog is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to connect with your customers and clients. Set up a team to manage and edit the blog. Being credible and trusted goes a long way in securing and retaining customers. Create guidelines to tailor your content, and make sure everybody follows them. Use the appropriate blogging platform and the tools to go with it to maintain your blog effectively. And use metrics that are aligned with your goals.

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Participate to win exciting prices worth ‎₹1000 every week