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Many Instagram users have been locked out of their own accounts after hackers took over their account and changed their user names and passwords. The hackers are not deleting any of the user's posts instead they are changing their usernames and probably impersonating them. Users took to Twitter to complain about the same but their complaints were unheard or dismissed.


Instagram has added an “ask a question” feature to its Stories platform, enabling users to ask their followers multiple types of questions that can be answered via text inputs, yes/no polls or emoji sliders. Instagram has said in a statement that about 400 daily million users (out of its 1 billion-strong user base) use the Stories feature.


Instagram is one of those social media apps thats always provided exciting updates to its users. Recently, it came up with its new version with low memory known as Instagram lite. Now according to various sources, Instagram has now made it simple for its large user base wherein they can add sound tracks to their Instagram stories.


Instagram one of the trending social media apps is all set to launch its new version Instagram Lite. The purpose of launching Instagram Lite is to essentially find out an addition to the billion users abroad. This new launch from Instagram came as a surprise since Instagram did not make any official announcement for the same. Instagram Lite can be downloaded by Android users from today itself from the Google Play App Store.


Instagram has announced that it has reached a billion active monthly users, up from 800 million in September last year, and 500 million daily active users. Being owned by Facebook just doesn’t seem to affect its popularity, and it has helped Facebook share prices go up 2.2 percent to $202. The meteoric rise in audience – sharply contrasting Snapchat’s and Facebook’s trends, will be a perfect catalyst to the launch of the IGTV feature.


Instagram is well on its way to becoming a video entertainment hub and competing with YouTube following the release of IGTV – a video sharing platform that’ll allow creators to upload up to one-hour long videos on their channels. IGTV will be accessible through a dedicated app, and also from the Instagram homescreen; and will make it easier for users to search for content.

Instagram one of the most popular photo sharing social networking service plans to launch its own video sharing hub similar to other video sharing platforms like YouTube and Snapchat Discover. The name of this new video feature is yet to be confirmed and as to how this feature would work with the main Instagram feed as a whole still remains in question. This feature could turn out to be of great potential to Instagram because of its already existing million users.

Instagram brings with it virtually limitless marketing potential. The steps to creating an effective Instagram marketing strategy are developing an unique tactic to promote your services, setting realistic goals, planning your content strategy by analyzing your competitor data and seeking out your audience, tracking your progress; being consistent in style and theme, using Stories to their full capability, using hashtags smartly and working with influencers to spread word about your brand.

Instagram announced a new feature they plan to roll out in the coming weeks that will allow users to remove specific accounts’ stories and posts from their Instagram feeds. The mute button on Instagram will let users block content from accounts they just don’t want to see without alerting the people that follow them or forcing users to unfollow accounts whose content they’ve blocked.

Facebook-owned Instagram has added in-app payments option that lets you make direct payments from the app.The intent is clearly to allow businesses and brands to advertise on Instagram.

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Participate to win exciting prices worth ‎₹1000 every week