Instagram might soon be the Next Popular News Source.

Instagram seems to have run ahead of Twitter especially when it comes to being a source of news. The sudden rise in the demand of Instagram has made it come to the number 1 spot.

Instagram Introduces Food Ordering Stickers on its App.
25 days ago |

Instagram now seems to be in partnership with food delivery partners. The food delivery partners include Swiggy and Zomato. The main idea behind this move is to support the small businesses.

Instagram Issues New Rule Regarding Embedding Photos.

Instagram now seems to have released a new rule. It might now require sites to take permission from creator's before proceeding towards embedding their photos. A case of infringement has been filed against Newsweek for using their photographs without their permission.

Instagram Follows WhatsApp's Footsteps, Brings Instagram Direct to the Desktop.
2 months ago |

Instagram and WhatsApp both are now owned by Facebook. Recently, Instagram juts copied a feature from WhatsApp. The new feature of Instagram is related the direct message feature.

Finally, the Instagram DM (Direct Messaging) Feature Arrives to the Desktop Version.
2 months ago |

Earlier, the DM (Direct Messaging) access on Instagram was limited only to the mobile app of Instagram. However, recently Instagram broke the news that it would be bringing in the DM feature on its desktop version as well. The DM feature of Instagram is highly popular among the audiences wherein it allows users to interact with their loved ones.

Instagram Working on Snapchat like Disappearing Messages.
3 months ago |

Instagram finally seems to be following Snapchat's footsteps. It is already working on testing one of the most popular features by Snapchat. The new feature is related to the text messaging feature.

Recently, Instagram Released its Richest List for 2019.
6 months ago |

Instagram has now emerged to be one of the most famous social networking platforms. It slowly seems to replace Facebook. Millions of people all around the world have their accounts on Instagram.

AR Camera Filter to be Launched for Instagram.
7 months ago |

Bigg Boss has surely been creating waves every year. It is that part of the year that many people increasingly look forward to. There is now a good news for bigg boss fans.

Instagram Might Soon Say Goodbye to its Following Tab
9 months ago |

Instagram is seen working on hiding the Following tab feature for a small set of users. As of now,it is seen testing the feature on a few users around the world.