Twitter to Launch its New Voice Tweets Feature.
17 days ago |

Twitter seems to be finally ready with its Voice Tweets feature. It has for now introduced the feature only for iOS users. The new feature will make it possible for users to tweet with the help of their voice.

Twitter Brings in Instagram Stories-like Feature in India.
25 days ago |

Twitter has introduced a new stories similar to that of Instagram. The stories feature will last for about 24 hours similar like that of Instagram. Twitter has named this new feature as 'Fleets'.

Twitter Suspends Accounts Supporting the #dcblackout.
33 days ago |

Twitter seems to have banned a recent tweet with the #dcblackout. There was some miscommunication that went viral on the social media platform. It was related to the protests that were held in Washington.

A Step by Step Guide to Twitter's Live Videos Feature.
40 days ago |

Twitter has now come up with its new feature like other platforms. The feature is related to live videos. There is no doubt that Twitter is one of the most popular platforms when it comes to sharing tweets with the world.

How Twitter can be an Emerging Option for Marketers.
2 months ago |

With people being stuck at home, they are now equipped with ample time at their disposal. People are seen increasingly spending time on popular social net sites like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Twitter Introduces its 'Good Copy, Bad Copy' Program for Creating Powerful Tweets.
3 months ago |

Twitter seems to have come up with its tutorial that will help users in creating better tweets in the future. The tutorial will act as a guide in helping people create a more impactful and meaningful tweet.

Twitter Introduces its Stories Feature known as 'Fleets'
4 months ago |

After Snapchat and Facebook, Twitter has now decided to follow suite. Twitter has now decided to come up with its stories feature just the way Snapchat and Facebook has. Initially, the stories feature was the idea of Snapchat which later got adopted by Facebook and now Twitter.

Twitter Recently Held its Panel Video Event in Saudi Arabia
4 months ago |

Twitter recently hosted a panel at the Campaign's Breakfast Briefing Video 2020. The idea behind this panel discussion is to place emphasis on the fact as to how brands can make them stand out from others by appearing unique and engaging.

The IS seems to Target Hacked Accounts on Twitter
4 months ago |

It is seen that there is an increasing number Islamic State accounts that are flooded on Twitter. There are many hashtags in the Arabic countries that seem to be spammed with thousands of videos.