Seeing the changing scenario everywhere wherein more and and more women employees can be seen working, companies have started placing emphasis on gender equality. UAE can be seen leading with gender equality agenda wherein it recently announced an equal pay law for both men and women. With the help of analytics, gender equality can be achieved as these measures would help to break the barriers or any gaps creating hindrance in the progress of women at work.

Google Analytics is under the lens for reported data loss for some users due to a bug in its software, apparently causing the Users data to appear as null for several websites. The problems seems to crop when comparing data, but not when viewed individually, and appears to be in effect of the enforcement of the GDPR – affecting accounts that have been set not to have their data automatically expire.

Google Analytics is a free and powerful tool that tells you about every interaction that people have with your website. It can help you answer a lot of questions, such as the number of people visiting your site, the social media and websites referring the most traffic, how long do people stay on your website etc. By leveraging data that Google Analytics presents to you about your visitors and our website, you can turn your website into a powerful tool to grow and expand your business.

Google has released Advanced Analysis, a new tool that will be offered to organizations using its Google Analytics 360 service to explore and analyze website usage and performance data. The tool is currently available in beta and incorporates three new techniques for finding data that can help website owners improve their understanding of how customers interact with their site.

The E.U.’s General Data Protection Regulation becomes effective on May 25. Google and other data gathering services are protecting themselves by allowing users to control the data retained from customers and website visitors. Any public website worldwide is essentially subject to the GDPR, as the site likely has visitors from the E.U.

As the name implies, ‘Big Data’ has literally got ‘Big’ impact on businesses around the world. Big Data has been the word of the century since quite a few years now. It is basically the amalgamation of all the major information required by the company. Though, the effective use of the data enforces company to make better business decisions.

The addition of BriefCam will allow Canon to deliver an even broader range of leading-edge technology and solutions in the fields of network cameras, video management software and video content analysis software. For Briefcam transaction will enable entry to new markets, deliver stronger vertical solutions and serve its global customers even more effectively, the announcement states.

Embedded Analytics is the use of reporting and analytical capabilities in businesses and its applications. These capabilities can reside outside the application but must be accessible from inside without forcing the user to shift between systems. The incorporation of business intelligence platforms with the application architecture allows users to choose where in the business process, analytics should be embedded.

Google signaled it would no longer include user IDs with log files from its industry-leading ad server. This move was done in the name of privacy but is part of a multiyear strategy to draw up the bridges between Mountain View and the rest of the world. Under cover of GDPR and congressional inquests, both Google and Facebook have managed to accelerate their isolationism.

Although every entrepreneur or small business has different goals, they all operate under the same general premise—they want to transform their ideas into a successful business. But, the way in which entrepreneurs go about achieving their goals has shifted significantly over recent years.