Apple Safari to Prevent Google Analytics from Tracking Users Data.

Apple Safari has recently released a new announcement. It has decided to block Google Analytics from collection of any sort of data. Google analytics will be prevented from tracking users browsing activity.

What Distinguishes Behavior Flow and User Flow?

Google Analytics contains two types of flow the behavior flow and the user flow. They both are related to providing insights when it comes to analytics.

7 Useful Google Analytics Reports.

With so many Google Analytics tools available managing your website and traffic has become a lot more easy. The Google Analytics reports will you in better managing your website.

Google Lands itself in a Scoop.
32 days ago |

Google seems to have been recently sued by the US on ground of privacy fraud. There are allegation against Google that it has been keeping a track of its users in the 'private mode' too. There are chances that Google might have to pay around $5 billion as part of its compensation.

The Importance of 'Sessions' in Google Analytics.

The word 'Sessions' in Google Analytics seems to hold a lot of meaning. When we talk about Sessions on the Google platform it signifies a group wherein a user is set to interact with your website. In short, it is an action that is done by a user.

Google Claims that Bad Links and Loss of Traffic are Directly Related.

There seems to be some kind of correlation between backlinks and website traffic. A recent report clearly indicated that bad links lead to around a 50% drop in traffic. Referral links are said to have a key impact when it comes to driving website traffic.

The Importance of Data Science in the Fintech Revolution.
51 days ago |

The importance of Data Science is soon said to be gaining importance. It is a process of extracting useful data through recording, storing and analysis of data. Data Science has a strong influence on the financial services industry.

Google Introduces New Data Studio Features.
2 months ago |

Google seems to be on a spree and is working towards introducing new features. Recently, it has brought in features like GA audiences,acquisition and behavior data. The features are exclusively brought for Data Studio.

Effective Landing Page Creation Tools for 2020.
3 months ago |

Landing pages are considered to be an important element when it comes to SEO. Landing pages are basically said to be the pages wherein users are said to convert. The designing of any landing page is considered to be a daunting task.