PPC advertising which is basically Pay-Per-Click advertising is kind of an online advertising technique wherein the advertisers can post ads for their goods and services by paying a certain amount to a publisher. It’s a technique of directing traffic to a particular website when that ad is clicked. There are some useful tips to be borne in mind for a successful PPC advertising.

Ad scheduling is not uncommon in the retail sector, and almost all PPC managers will use this tool to their advantage; it allows you to choose specific hours and days of the week that you would like your ads to run. It’s unlikely that you will run your AdWords account all year round at the same level – planning for seasonality using ad scheduling is a vital strategy for success in PPC for retailers. But not everyone is getting it right, and this leads to a lot of wasted budget.

Amazon is a formidable competitor for shopping advertising. As YouTube is a search engine for videos, Amazon is where consumers go directly to search for products. Amazon is not just an online marketplace. Amazon is a shopping search engine. A shopping search engine is the most profitable slice of Google’s pie and that makes Amazon Google’s biggest threat because of Amazon’s PPC program.

Bing has introduced a new set of features for advertisers looking to import Google AdWords campaigns to Bing Ads. Google Import, the tool which allows users to import AdWords campaigns to Bing Ads, can now handle larger numbers of campaigns, keywords, and ads than ever before.

The confusion stems from the fact that SEM is often used to describe one particular digital marketing tactic. Just to confuse things, it has become the norm to use SEM to refer exclusively to paid searches. When used in this way, the main difference between SEO and SEM is that SEM targets paid traffic. That means SEM is concerned with both optimization and advertising.

Projections are important because paid search advertising is full of performance reporting after ads run. The projection is your chance to pause for a moment before launching a new campaign to set goals and expectations based on what you predict will happen. Without taking advantage of the market data, business data, and research tools available, the opportunity to predict performance is lost.

SEM is one of the quickest methods of generating qualified leads and increasing your average car count. Put differently, rather than blanketing ads to everyone and hoping you catch them when they need your product or service (say through newspapers, radio and TV), SEM allows shop owners to digitally target buyers who are actively searching for auto service and new tires.

WPP’s long-serving chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell has resigned from his role as the head of the company amid an investigation into an alleged misuse of assets and improper conduct.

Google AdWords has introduced a new tool called Reach Planner, which allows advertisers to forecast reach and frequency of ad units on YouTube. In addition, it can also forecast performance across Google’s video partners. Another key feature of Reach Planner is called ‘product mixes’ which will provide advertisers with insight into how different video formats work best together.

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