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Google AdWords which was recently rebranded to Google Ads, is a digital advertising platform that enables marketers to run marketing campaigns and generate comprehensive reports of the results. However, the reports do not showcase when someone clicks on your ad and ends up calling the business. This is a kind of conversion that is not captured in the online reports.Hence marketers should pass call data into Google Ads, so that they can justify their ad spend even better.


As marketers and consultants get used to the new Google Ads which have replaced AdWords, there is fear among them that the upcoming automated system will treaten their careers. However, that's not true, as Google uses artifical intellignece in its ad system, people in the industry are likely to remain being valuable. Here's why:


Google has launched a new tool called Google Signals to track various prospects on different devices. Since cross-device advertising is more cost effective than single device marketing, this new features will help advertisers optimize their advertisement expenditure and provide the same user experience across devices.


After two decades of launching its wildly successful AdWords and DoubleClick, Google has decided to roll these two under one of the three new brands that it will launch in mid July. It is essentially the rebranding of its ad businesses to offer easily accessible services to its users. The three new brands offer a specific solution to the campaign needs of all its users.

PPC advertising which is basically Pay-Per-Click advertising is kind of an online advertising technique wherein the advertisers can post ads for their goods and services by paying a certain amount to a publisher. It’s a technique of directing traffic to a particular website when that ad is clicked. There are some useful tips to be borne in mind for a successful PPC advertising.

Ad scheduling is not uncommon in the retail sector, and almost all PPC managers will use this tool to their advantage; it allows you to choose specific hours and days of the week that you would like your ads to run. It’s unlikely that you will run your AdWords account all year round at the same level – planning for seasonality using ad scheduling is a vital strategy for success in PPC for retailers. But not everyone is getting it right, and this leads to a lot of wasted budget.