Facebook Brings its New 'Summer of Support' Program for Digital Training
11 days ago | socialmediatoday.com

Facebook has recently released its new digital marketing programs. The program is named as 'Summer of Support'program. The program is intended towards providing digital training to businesses.

Facebook Releases it's New Ad Boycott.
12 days ago | forbes.com

Social media seems to have its own pros and cons. Many people tired of the hatred are seen to quit the platform. Popular social media platforms are seen to take privacy seriously.

Facebook Releases New Guide Regarding the Working of its Ad System.
21 days ago | socialmediatoday.com

In these times of turbulence, every business seems to be affected by it. Businesses everywhere are trying their level best to connect to the audiences via the online platforms. Some of the popular platforms include Facebook.

Facebook Seems to Record a Huge Amount of Facebook Content Moderation Mistakes.
25 days ago | forbes.com

It has been reported that around 3,00,000 mistakes related to content moderation is been reported by Facebook on a daily basis. The job of content moderators is to ensure reviewing of posts, videos and pictures.

Facebook to Soon Launch its New Email Marketing Tools.

Facebook has been recently testing a lot of new tools. One of the tools that it is recently seen testing involves the email marketing tool. This tool is highly preferable for business pages.

Facebook Introduces New map and Datasets.
27 days ago | businessinsider.in

Facebook has brought in a new map. It has released a new dashboard especially for healthcare professionals so that fighting Covid-19 becomes easy.

Facebook Comes up With its Google Photos Transfer Tool.

Facebook seems to be on a spree these days. It has recently launched its Google Photos transfer tool which is now available globally. The tool has been launched in April in America and Canada.

Facebook Introduces New Manage Activity Tool.
32 days ago | gadgets.ndtv.com

If you are looking out to delete a bulk of old posts Facebook seems to have now made that easy for you. Facebook has introduced a new Manage Activity Tool that will make the task of deleting and sorting old posts very easy.

Facebook -The Ultimate Destination for Digital Marketing.

In these tough times of a pandemic, digital marketing is the only way that businesses need to drive their attention to. Facebook has seen immense engagement level on its platform especially in the last two months.