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According to sources, social media giant Facebook is all set to shut down its Friend Lists Feed today. This feature enabled users to view posts and scroll down from one their designated friend lists which included anyone from their family, work, colleagues, etc.


According to sources, Facebook is all set to buy Vidpresso’s team and tech in order to make their videos interactive. Since static video is considered to be unhealthy for viewers Facebook is all set to make its videos interactive and it will be filled with conversations with both the broadcasters as well as fellow viewers.


L’Oréal is reportedly going to test Augmented reality ads on Facebook to bank on the growing AR trend. This will allow the users to try on certain make up looks on their face before they actually buy the product. The French beauty company will initially launch AR advertisements for its NYX, Urban Decay, Lancôme and Yves Saint Laurent brands.


According to sources, Facebook is all set to launch Mentorships which will enable people with similar thinking to guide each other. Since the time Facebook has been blamed for misusing people’s information it has come up with more positive applications which includes The One, strengthening communities and also fund raising for good causes.


Facebook has released its own versions of in-app Snapchat-like multiplayer AR games for its Messenger platform, which users can play with up to 6 people at a time. The games are meant to be played with people you’re video-calling, and can be used to liven up otherwise dispirited conversations. These apps were built by Facebook using its own AR Studio tool that was launched recently to help people make their own AR filters.


Facebook has introduced tools on its Facebook and Instagram app that lets users know how much time they are spending on the social media platforms. This is an effort by the company to help users curb their addiction of the social media platforms.


Facebook’s shares have fallen at a rate as high as 24%. The executives have sent out warnings regarding decelerating revenue, tightening margins and the effects of data protection and privacy policy changes.


In the past couple of years, Facebook has been struggling to keep misinformation away from its platform. Especially after Facebook was used to spread fake news during the 2016 US Presidential election, it has faced backlash from the government and public for its inability to curb the spread of fake news.


Facebook is a huge repository of user data, considering how it has kept us hooked and glued to the feeds for years altogether. Using Facebook ads effectively can push your brand to new heights. Use and create ads that align with your marketing tactic. You should also set a baseline for the money you spent on generating a lead. And make sure your ads are optimized for mobile devices as well.


Facebook and Instagram are going to introduce a new “operational” change to their policies to reduce the number of underage users on its platforms. They will proactively shut down accounts which are suspected of being used by children below the age of 13. Earlier, Facebook and Instagram only locked accounts which were specifically reported.

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Participate to win exciting prices worth ‎₹1000 every week