Facebook Scraps Off the Text Limitations on Ad Images
4 days ago | www.google.com

Facebook finally decides to remove the possible barriers to the Text Content related to Facebook Ad Images. Facebook ads contain more than 20% text in the main image. Advertisers are being updated about the recently introduced changes.

Facebook Adds a New Tool to Enhance the Privacy of the Photos Shared
7 days ago | techcrunch.com

Facebook's latest addition of the new privacy tool is here to take the privacy of the images shared to the next level. The social media giant is working towards introducing a new tool that will allow users to increase the protection level of their photos across both Facebook and Instagram. The new feature will be labelled as 'Rights Manager for Images'.

Facebook Faces Lawsuit for Illegally Stalking Instagram Users

Facebook seems to be caught yet again in a new privacy scandal. It has been noticed that Facebook is spying on Instagram users through their smartphone cameras. What seemed stranger is the fact that iPhone cameras were being accessed even when they were not in use.

Facebook's New Phase of 'More Together' Campaign Launched

Facebook has finally decided to start with the next phase of its campaign named 'More Together' in India. The idea behind this campaign is to emphasize the fact that a lot can be done with a group of people rather than just being alone. Building connections with people is the ultimate way to achieve things.

Facebook Collaborates with Coursera for a New Social Media Marketing Course
13 days ago | socialmediatoday.com

Facebook has recently decided to enter a partnership with Coursera, the leading online learning platform. The main aim of this partnership is to launch a new Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate Program aimed at enhancing digital marketing skills. Moreover, it will help in gaining knowledge regarding digital marketing on a deeper level.

Facebook Launches New Features related to Video Ads
14 days ago | socialmediatoday.com

Facebook is all set to come up with its all-new brand safety controls. The new control features by Facebook are introduced, especially for video advertisers, so that they can better have control over the campaign display. The new features include 'topic exclusions' (based on machine learning) and 'publisher allow lists'.

Facebook Tests New 'Virality Circuit Feature'

Facebook has started to work on implementing its new way to break the vicious circle of fake news before it spread like fire. It is currently testing the 'virality circuit breaker' feature to stop the spread of information if it appears to be untrue. The social media giant has a dedicated team of content moderators that work towards identifying any flaw in the information shared.

Digital craze in Bihar Assembly Elections
36 days ago | theprint.in

The craze of the digital world has marked its entry to the political world as well. The 2020 Bihar assembly election will be held through digital campaigns marking the start of the era of the digital political journey. The age-old way of conducting rallies and roadshows will be replaced, and the same would be done through digital platforms, including WhatsApp and Facebook.

Facebook takes the First Step Towards Revamping WhatsApp
40 days ago | express.co.uk

Facebook is all set to give a modern-day twist to its partner WhatsApp. The new changes that are likely to hit the app soon will change the entire look and feel of the WhatsApp platform. Facebook has already started to work on these new improvements.