Soon after TikTok gets Banned, Indian UGC Apps see Massive User Growth

The news for the banning of Chinese apps brought a major surprise for everyone. No doubt TikTok emerged to be one of the most popular apps among the audiences.

LinkedIn Introduces New 'Support' Reaction Tools for Enhancing Job Search

LinkedIn seems to be on a spree towards launching new features. Recently it has not introduced a New support reaction tool.

The Biggest Lesson Thought by COVID-19, to be Empathetic

The current pandemic situation is surely said to be one of the most dreaded ones. Seeing the entire world going through this tough phase seems to be heart breaking. COVID-19 has thought people the most important lesson that is to show empathy towards others.

The Importance of SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is one of the traditional forms of marketing. It has faster results and there is also a high chance of conversion rate involved. SMS marketing is popular due to a variety of reasons.

All about the Google Ads and Commerce
6 days ago |

It is rightly said that Customer is the King. Therefore, you need to make sure that you put your customers before achieving your marketing objectives. In order to make sure that your customers are happy you need to make sure that their demands are fulfilled.

A Guide to Better Understand the YouTube Search

Google has recently brought a new guide that helps in understanding regarding how the YouTube search works. It has issued details about the commonly asked questions regrading YouTube search results.

3 Effective Content Marketing C's

Content Marketing seems to be latest trend. Many marketers have now shifted their focus towards content marketing. However, your content marketing should be capable of generating leads.

Facebook Brings its New 'Summer of Support' Program for Digital Training
11 days ago |

Facebook has recently released its new digital marketing programs. The program is named as 'Summer of Support'program. The program is intended towards providing digital training to businesses.

Apple Safari to Prevent Google Analytics from Tracking Users Data.

Apple Safari has recently released a new announcement. It has decided to block Google Analytics from collection of any sort of data. Google analytics will be prevented from tracking users browsing activity.