Sep 15, 2018

WhatsApp to bring Dark Mode and Swipe to Reply Features in its Next Big Update

Whatsapp is soon bringing ‘Swipe to reply’ feature to Android. A dark mode is also likely to soon arrive. The feature is said to be available on the latest Whatsapp Beta Version. The Swipe to reply feature is already available for the iPhone app.

Regarding the Swipe to Reply feature, the app has already submitted a new update through the Google Play Beta Programme. As of now due to development reasons, the feature is currently unavailable and it also requires improvements before it officially becomes available for Android Users.

With this feature, you can directly swipe a message that you wish wish to reply to towards the right side. After this, Whatsapp will directly load the message in the reply context.

Regarding the dark mode, it is still said to be working on the same for both iOS and Android. Thai feature is intended to reduce strain on users eyes while they use Whatsapp in the night or in low light conditions.