Why Owing your PPC Account is Important?

If you are new to the online advertising market, then you need to understand the importance of owing your Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising Accounts. 
At times it happens that the agency that you have hired might deny you this right. The following are 5 different reasons why you need to take accountability of your PPC account : 
A. ACCOUNTABLE - When you own your PPC account you gain access and the freedom to view the data at your will. It can help you in understanding the performance of your account. 
B. CONTROL - With the access in your hand you have the opportunity to decide who gets access to your account and who does not. 
C. CHOICE - The ownership of your PPC account let's you to decide if you want to continue your relation with the previous agency or not. 
D. CONTINUITY - When you take possession of your account it helps you to get an idea regarding how your account has progressed over the time. 
E. ACCURACY - Having a back-end tracking software is what mak a owing your account even more important. 
The above are few of the reasons why owing your PPC account is considered important. 
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