Effective Top 20 Cybersecurity Startups in 2020.
27 days ago | forbes.com

Seeing the growing popularity in the usage of the internet the need for cybersecurity has increased. There are many upcoming cybersecurity startups that you can find out in the year 2020.

Windows 10 Introduces a New Security Update.
52 days ago | express.co.uk

Microsoft has recently released its new security update. The security update is especially for the users of Windows 10. The focus of this new update is related to the aspect of security. Since recently there has been a rise in the number of people working from home.

NY AG Enters into a Privacy Agreement with Zoom.
54 days ago | lawstreetmedia.com

Zoom since the time it has been launched is facing many concerns. Recently, it is seen to be facing severe security concerns.

Location Tracking Banned by Apple and Google in Contact Tracing Apps.
2 months ago | gadgets.ndtv.com

Apple and Google now seem to have taken the issue of the safety of its users seriously. Recently, they have issued a ban on the use of location tracking. There are many apps that use a contact tracing system. Their idea is to contribute and slow down the process of the coronavirus.

The Rising Demand for Web and Mobile App Security Applications.
2 months ago | helpnetsecurity.com

The current coronavirus pandemic has led to the shutting down of many businesses. People working in offline businesses are no shifting their focus on the digital world. They are looking for different ways to enhance from digital platforms.

Google Addressed a Major Critical Issue through its App Update.
2 months ago | gadgets.ndtv.com

Google has again fixed a security flaw that it thought might show up. It has released an update for Google Chrome in order to address this issue.

Government Launches New App Challenge.
2 months ago | gadgets.ndtv.com

Amidst the controversy surrounding the Zoom video app, the government has come up with a new rule. The government has offered a prize of Rs. 1 crore for creating a successful video conferencing app.

TrafficGuard Introduces Protection Against Cyber Fraud.
2 months ago | ppc.land

TrafficGuard has introduced a great way to stay away from cyber crimes. It has introduced a free protection against the rising cases of click ad fraud. It is a pay-per-click protection.

Which is Better HTTP or HTTPS?

Being aware regarding the status of the website that you visit is crucial. Since an unsafe website will do more harm than good to your data that is shared. It started in the year 2018, when Google warned users regarding the risk of visiting a particular website.