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According to the following article, Google has recently updated its Location History language after tracking backlash. Just about a couple of days back Google admitted the fact that it continues to track its users even after disabling the location history tracking.


A pair of election security hacking demonstrations set up for adults and kids alike at Def Con 2018 at Las Vegas offered up some frightening revelations about America’s voting infrastructure. Kids as young as 11 found breaking into websites for the Florida’s Secretary of State relatively easy (even though these websites were replicas made by the team at Wall of Sheep Village to highlight poor coding practices).


The dark web – also called the deep web – is colossal network of websites that offer illegal services ranging from hitmen to drugs to weapons, and of course – hacking. The site contains various sub-forums and categories such as carding, phreaking, hacker world news, DDoS attacks, programming etc., and can be accessed via the Tor browser by simply typing in the URL of the site.


According to sources, Google has pleaded guilty and it claims to be sorry regarding the Outdated UIDAI Helpline Number. It further adds that this is not a situation of any unauthorized access of users devices and users have the right to delete the number manually.


According to reports there are ways in which HP can give you an opportunity to earn upto $10000 by simply hacking your printer. It is basically a kind of reward for researchers for being able to find vulnerabilies in your printer.


The following article basically highlights the fact that how you could be using Tor wrongly. Tor basically protects you if online security is your main concern.


In early 2017, Google started using physical security keys instead of one-time codes in their offices. These physical security keys are a part of Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) authentication which uses a USB device that users can use to login to a system.


Spectre and Meltdown are in the headlines again. Initially to exploit privacy, an attacker had to have knowledge on how to run the code of their choosing on the victim’s device/system. This made browsers like JavaScript vulnerable to Spectre attacks. There were doubts on Cloud hosts as well. However, other than this the impact of these attacks was relatively less.


Google has officially announced the 68th version of the Chrome browser on July 24. What it promises to do is to fulfil what it had to do earlier that is mark all unencrypted pages as ‘not secure’. This is happening after nearly 2 years.


According to recent reports, if you type the letter A 29 times it will eventually lead to the hacking of HPE iLO 4 servers. If you wish to bypass authentication measures in an HPE integrated lights out 4 server then you simply need to request and type the letter ‘ A’ 29 times.

Try out our Daily Quiz

Participate to win exciting prices worth ‎₹1000 every week